Sunday, July 20, 2008

what to do? question on day 20

For my "flower" exercise with the "Parachute" book, I have to make my list of top 23 working conditions into a top 5. This is so hard to do! Everything on there is very important to me. I thought if I let it sit for a week, I'd be less attached to my list of 23, but no. I want to finish my "flower" but I am stuck. Any ideas?

The way the book recommended making the list is by writing down all the jobs I've had. Then going through each job and listing what I didn't like about them. Then switching the negative into a positive, such as complaining that I was stuck at a register, not aloud to move, write that I want a job with mobility.

Here's my top 23 working conditions in no particular order:
1. wildly thanked and praised (both publicly and privately), along with fair pay and frequent, big, raises for working above and beyond the call of duty
2. environment: a) being outside or under incandescent light, b) comfortable air temperature, c) lots of natural light, d) organized and clean work space, e) quiet or moderate noise level, f) my own work space
3. patient boss who doesn't yell
4. flexibility in my schedule for travel and other last minute sculpture related events. Also having flexibility to move from pt to ft.
5. plenty of training before working with customers
6. boss held accountable for promises relating raises and other things relating to me
7. fair work place
8. no uniform or dress code
9. having someone or a resource for me to go to when I have questions
10. paid either twice a month, weekly r daily
11. paid on time
12. I need to care about the products being sold
13. no public math
14. paid for commuting, or work from home
15. A boss that's approachable, good memory, not awkward, confrontational, proactive, organized, honest and detail oriented
16. constant, well known standards and expectations for everyone that are announced when changed
17. paid by the hour, not by the job
18. work that doesn't hurt my body
19. work that is challenging for my mind
20. boss that thinks of the people first and the business second
21. working the a fore agreed upon hours, so that I don't arrive to work after an hour commute then told that it's going to be a short day
22. I can move around at work
23. working with people who are just as competent as me, communicate well, go-getter's, don't smoke and are healthy

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