Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thoughts occurred on DAY 16

This isn't the official blog for today, but the musing from all my journaling around "What color is your parachute?"

For my flower, also called "that one piece of paper" that contains the lists to my dream job, I figured out my favorite skills. This shouldn't be a surprise for anyone who knows me.

Favorite Skills
1. organizing
2. analyzing
3. planning
4. keeping track of details
5. using my hands
6. serving

It is so true that my favorite part of a project is the planning then the analyzing the results. Often I have to ask myself if the cart is before the horse, because I try to analyze before completing the task.

Another petal of the flower that I figured out are my favorite values. I think this is funny wording but that's the way the book phrases it. The author had a list of values with a check box next to each one. He asked which six would I want people to say at the end of my life (whether I am doing them now or not).

My favorite Values
1. bring people closer to God
2. having an impact and causing change
3. doing work which bring more justice, truth, and ethical behavior into the world
4. being a good decision-maker
5. being good at carrying out orders and bringing projects to a successful conclusion
6. combating some bad idea/philosophy/force/influence/pervasive trend, and I persevering and/or prevailing

My Favorite Working Conditions list is stuck at my top 24. I need to pear it down to the top 5, but they all feel equally important. I'll have to leave that for another day. The activity was to list every job I've had (which was 11, minus the odd jobs I've had) and list everything I didn't like about them. Then to flip around the negatives to find my ideal working condition. It shocked me to find that there were 72 grievances for the last 11 jobs! After eliminating the duplicates I ended up with 24. The major complaint was working for a boss that wasn't up to my standard. I expect a lot from myself and my leaders (in this case a boss). Unorganized bosses that forget appointments with me, loss paperwork I've painstakingly filled out then lost by them, forgetting to order supplies on time affecting my job. I've had several employers who've yelled at me, blaming and belittling me for their mistakes. I want a leader than I respect and want to strive to be like, or work for myself. I am very self-motivated and resourceful. I am sure I'd be a successful small business owner.

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  1. I am going to HAVE to go through this book. Youa e learning such valuable information about yourself. And at such a young age.

    I am very proud of you, my dear daughter.