Wednesday, December 15, 2010

LED lantern commission

This project came up when my friend, Andrew McAleavey, said he had a hard time waking up in the morning due to the lack of sunlight.

Andrew's original idea was to commission me to make hanging lights set up to a sunrise alarm clock, so it would get gradually brighter helping him to wake up.

After a bunch of prototypes the installation evolved into lanterns made out of ribbon and plastic containers that are lit with LEDs that are hooked up to a dimmer touch pad.

Elizabeth Symington
LED Lanterns, 2010
tallest light is about 1.5 feet
made from plastic containers (duck soap pump, laundry detergent caps...), bouncy balls, stiffened ribbon

Check out for more of my colorful art.

Posts on the steps to creating these lanterns:
Part 1: Inspiration for my Current Commission
Part 2: Inspiration for my Current Commission
Part 3: Inspiration for my Current Commission
Human Slinky
Mandala Mobile - contest (the idea before the lanterns)
Mandala mobile model
testing out various materials- gummy bears?
bouncy ball lantern- prototype
video on the progress of the light commission
Prototypes- slinky lanterns and mini lanterns
LEDS inside of balloons
Switching from paper to ribbon lanterns (video!)
installing the lanterns


  1. Your lamps are wonderfully wackie, fabulously fun, and colorfully creative!
    Nice Job!!
    Maybe you might like to teach a class????

    Eco-Art Class - Nan

  2. Hi Nan!
    This was so nice of you to drop by and say hello! Your adjectives are so lively, it made me smile. As you can see from this art blog, I am always open to share what I've learned in making art. Are you interested in making lanterns?

  3. Awesome! I love your sight I'm working on trying to be that artistic

  4. Thank you for checking out my art. I find the less you try to focus on making something original, but instead just make art, things turn out better. Have fun creating!