Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tales of a Female Knight

I grew up in England around castles reading the Song of the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce. The story is about Alanna of Trebond who disguises herself as a boy so she can train to be a knight. Because of those books I've pretended to be a knight with red hair and violet eyes.

I recently found out that the author Tamora Pierce has written many more books about the realm of Tortal. Over the past year I read the winning Caldecott books, so my treat to myself for 2011 is to read all of Pierce's books.

Song of the Lioness Quartet are on my book list for 2010. I ran through them in less than two weeks. I've reread them so many times- I adore them!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

PPFA Recomended Reading List

PPFA (professional picture framers association) recommended book list for preparing for the CPF (Certified Picture Framer) exam:

I requested that the Berkeley, Oakland, Peninsula and San Francisco Public Libraries consider carrying all of these books. I'll be sure to update this list as they add to their collection.

Caring for Your Art
A guide for artists, collectors, galleries, and art institutions by Jill Snyder
A good general reference book everyone should have handy. The book covers the basics in most areas of preservation framing, including matting; hinging; and how to deal with heat, humidity, light, and pollution. It also covers storing, crating, and shipping artwork, as well as photographing, documenting, and insuring art.
Berkeley Public Library
San Francisco Public Library

The Art of Showing Art, by James Reeve
Peninsula Library System
Berkeley Public Library
San Francisco Public Library

The Life of a Photograph, by Laurence E. Keefe, Dennis Inch
Berkeley Public Library
San Francisco Public Library
Oakland Public Library

(recommended to me by a friend) Secret Lives of Frames, one hundred years of art and artistry by Deborah Davis with photographs by Gerardo Somoza.
Oakland Public Library

CCI Notes: Paintings
Canadian Conservation Institute
PPFA put together a selection of painting sections pulled from the complete CCI Notes. These have particular relevance for the painting questions on the CPF exam.

CPF Study Guide
Developed by the PPFA Certification Board, the CPF Study Guide is designed to help framers prepare for the CPF examination. It covers, in an easy-to-read outline format, specific topics that candidates are tested on, a bibliography of recommended reference materials, and a section of sample test questions with an answer key. If you’re planning to take the CPF exam, you won’t want to be without this important test preparation booklet. (Supplementary reading for the exam.)

Mat Cutting & Decoration, Volume 2 by Vivian C. Kistler, MCPF, GCF
This text contains how-to instructions for cutting more than 50 simple and advanced mats, including inlays, offsets, singles, doubles, V-grooves, oval, and cove mats. Also included are decorative matting techniques, such as French mats, painted mats, faux finishes, and glass mats.

The Mounting and Laminating Handbook
Third Edition by Chris A. Paschke, CPF, GCF
This comprehensive technical reference book is a complete source for basic techniques, procedures, applications, and tips for both beginning framers and seasoned veterans. Broken into understandable chapters, it covers TTPM (time, temperature, pressure, and moisture); adhesives, materials, and substrates; wet, spray, and pressure-sensitive adhesives; and dry mounting, cold mounting, laminating, digital electrophotographic, electrostatic, thermal, and inkjet technologies. It also features mounting suggestions, overall tips, and heat tolerance test results for commonly framed digital art and digital photographs.

Picture Framing, Volume 1 by Vivian C. Kistler, MCPF, GCF
A comprehensive reference for the professional framer, this book provides a complete overview of custom picture framing from the layout of the shop to the work order process. Other topics discussed include cutting and joining wood or metal moulding, cutting glass and plastics, measuring, mat cutting, color selection, and stretching oil paintings.

PPFA Guidelines for Framing Paintings on Canvas
These guidelines provide information on paintings on canvas, how they can be damaged, inherent faults, handling, environmental concerns, and framing procedures.

Preserving Textiles, A Guide for the Non-Specialist
Harold F. Mailand and Dorothy Stites Alig
This text is meant to aid the non-specialist in making informed decisions on the proper care of these objects in order to preserve them. Topics include environment (climate control, lighting, mold, insects, and rodents), cleaning, humidification, stabilizing damaged areas, archival materials, mounting, and exhibiting, as well as a glossary.

PPFA Art & Picture Framing Glossary of Standard Terms
This glossary replaces the PPFA dictionary. It has more than 1,300 terms, 470 new entries, and many updated definitions.

Color & Design for the Picture Framer, by Nona Powers, MCPF

Creative Mounting, Wrapping and Laminating, by Chris Paschke, CPF

A History of European Picture Frames, by Paul Mitchell, Lynn Roberts

Framing Photography, Volume 6 by Allan Lamb, CPF

PPFA Guidelines for Framing Works of Art on Paper

Mounting Objects with Clear Film, by James Miller, MCPF, GCF

PPFA The Complete Guide to Shadowboxes and Framing Objects by James Miller, MCPF, GCF

Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010 HITS

Welcome to the October HITS (Happenings In The Studio). This is the monthly recap of what's been going on in my life as a visual artist. Over the month of October I've finished setting up my new apartment and art studio. Peg board is on the wall. Tools are organized. Art supplies are sorted and I'm ready to finish the LED Lantern commission.

I'm searching for my new rhythm at my new job and apartment. Must admit I am pretty tired, albeit content, so I apologize that this is an atypical half-hearted HITS.

This month I finished my online class on how to design a hybrid class. And for my other online class, which is about how to be an effective manager, I just took the midterm. I'm already salivating over the plethora of classes I get to choose from for the Spring semester.

I'm also studying to take the exam to be a certified picture framer. I don't have a date yet set up, but since there are 18 recommended books to study, I think I'll take it Fall 2011.

Wish I had photos and more art completed this month, but all in due course.