Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tool Library

Could life get better?
There really is such a thing as a tool lending library.

The tool library is through the public (book) library system.

Before heading down to either library, check out their website to see what paperwork you need to bring to verify that you live in the area.

Soon I will have letters after my name

Coming soon...

At my old framing job I asked about taking the test to be a CPF (certified picture framer), but my manager had never heard of the Professional Picture Framers Association, which is an industry trade association who regulates and offers the CPF tests. Also my former manager wasn't interested in paying for the test, which would of resulted in me studying 20+ books on framing.

A few days ago when I was at work, I brought up the CPF test to the owners and they knew about it and asked how soon I'd like to take it. I'm already reading my first book and making flashcards! Life is so wonderful!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

September 2010 HITS

At the beginning of very month I recap the last 30 days in my life as a visual artist. September was particularly eventful. My efforts of job hunting for a full-time job in a creative position with lots of responsibilities has finally paid off. Since graduating from art school in December of 2008, I've worked lots of odd jobs and a couple of part-time positions while I applied to over 200 jobs. Now I have a really sweet full-time job as a custom framer at The Framer's Workshop in Berkeley, CA.

I've had my eye on this custom frame shop when I was still working at Michaels Arts and Crafts. The Framer's Workshop is a certified Green business, they have low turn over, cut their own mats and mouldings and they have the option of custom or DIY framing. Could it be a better fit?

Typically I share more than a few paragraphs and include photos showing my creative endevours, but I'm exhusted. I came out to the East Bay for an inteview at the frame shop, was offered the job that week, then moved out to the Bay three days later. I have my own apartment and studio space.

September involved starting a new job, moving and starting the Fall semester. For my local friends, I'll soon be rested enough to make a coherent converstation and have time to get together. I can't wait to catch up! I am so thrilled to be back in the Bay! I am oh so content, happy and tired.