Thursday, December 31, 2009

Spot the Differences between the Photos

It's amazing what a pillow held in front of a light can do to eliminate glare!

For Christmas mom made my life easier by giving me a reflector. It works on the same principal as a pillow in front of a light, except it is more portable and friendlier to work with. Plus on one side it is gold to bounce color and warmth onto the scene. Thank you mom!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Motorized Swinging Bed

Mexican Swinging Bed

My favorite place to sleep is outside. Second best is being rocked in a hammock. The downside to a hammock is not having the support of a mattress and box spring and having to rock yourself.

I propose making myself (eventually) a motorized swinging bed,
with a headboard designed for reading comfortably in bed, plus a colorful art installation on the ceiling. Once I have an apartment and know the height of the ceiling, I can decide if the bed will hang or if it will have the supports on the floor.

Here's the inspiration for my future customized bed:

Freestanding Swinging Bed
I like it that the wires are minimal and don't make it feel like a claustrophobic swinging tent, like so many other designs.

Electrically Operated Swing
There's no way I'd make a swinging bed and rock myself- we're talking a pimped out motorized cradle!!!

Bed on Pulleys
I love the idea of having it hoisted up out of the way, creating floor space for yoga.

How I'd get down from my elevated swinging bed...via slide of course! I'd have a spiral slide if I had high ceilings.

I can't imaging living a "normal" life, in a "typical" apartment. Perhaps being abnormal is what draws me to being a fine artist. The field is not commercial driven (thankfully), and art patrons no longer provide full support for artists (unfortunately) making this career path feel uncharted for the 21st century. The question is, "How do fine artists make a living wage doing what they love?" As an artist I can modify and alter my career to my liking. It's mysterious, romantic, super challenging, frustrating but rewarding.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mandala Mobile

Today I entered a contest through the fun theory, where the challenge was to alter human behavior by making the action fun. I submitted the Mandala Mobile, a sunrise alarm clock, making it easier and more enjoyable to get out of bed. Click here to check out the other entries and vote for your favorite.

The winner of the fun theory contest gets of course cash, the money to make and install the art, but I am most interested in getting my name out there by being on the fun theory website. I am already making this particular mobile for a commission, so I won't be super disappointed if I don't win the contest.

This is still in the early design stage, but this is the essence of the project:

The Mandala Mobile simulates a colorful sunrise using lights, along with peaceful music and a fan/space heater set to a timer, to eliminate the excuses that it’s too cold or dark to get out of bed.

The suspended Mandala Mobile is a meditative pattern of bouncy balls and slinkys. The toys are of various sizes and vivid colors give a playful and nostalgic feeling. Like a kaleidoscope that is always morphing, the fan/space heater will gently move the bouncy balls and slinkys, making them calming to watch.

Another changeable aspect is the programmable lights, going from a vivid sunrise, full light for reading, a colorful sunset and a night setting mimicking the aura borealis using black lights.
Once you have the Mandala Mobile hanging over your bed, your new problem will be going to sleep!

By now I bet the random posts about slinkys and bouncy balls are making more sense. :-) I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for this sunrise alarm clock.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stunning Photo

Readerwalker made me stop surfing and meditate on this mandala and that is saying a lot considering I am so task driven. I love the colors and composition. To see more photos click here.


Part 3: Inspsiration for my current project


Do you have any idea how hard it is to untangle a Slinky ?

Slinky dog

Quietly Oscillating,
2005; Slinkys, speakers, amplifier, CD player, CD with sound by David Moreno; installation adaptable to site; unique piece

hanging slinky

I am not sure what material was used to hang this slinky (it might even be elastic), but I imagine fishing line would be practically invisible, making for an even cooler effect.

Public art
I like the idea of running an object through the slinky for an armature, instead of the pain stacking task of hanging multiple lines of fishing line from the slinky.


"Mandala is a Sanskrit word, which means, “Circle”. This hallowed diagram or meditation symbol is normally round and is a symbolic representation of the cosmos and its energy. It is utilized in Eastern and Native American medicine for curing body, soul, and spirit. Meditative reflection of the mandala can bring the internal light of the soul to awareness, trigger secret powers of the mind and open the heart chakra to the therapeutic power of absolute love..." Click to read more about the mandala and it's uses.

I was introduced to them in painting class in college where the assignment was to make my own. Being the rebel that I am, I refused to make a traditional painting, but instead made a moving sculpture. I painted on several boards of heavy bristol paper, cut them out, and stacked them on top of a clock motor. That way the layers moved slightly with every tick.

a more traditional mandala

Spiral Mandala

7 foot in diameter animal mandala

purple mandala

galactic mandala

Celtic spiral

tshirt manada print

Chihuly inspired mandala

mandala sculpture
I love how the center is sunken in, drawing you to the middle.

metal mandala

I'm still giggling to myself and muttering "WOW!" Click here and you'll understand. Now picture a bright colored mandala hanging from the ceiling. hmmmm.....

Other Ideas:
headdress mandala out of paint chip samples (for a future project)

Create more variety and increase density at center of mandala and get loose and painterly when radiating from the center.

Spiral Galaxy

Maybe incorporate a black light or glow in the dark objects.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Part 2: inspiration for my current commission

Sunrise clocks already on the market have these features:

  • timer set to simulate sunrise and sunset using lights
  • beeping alarm
  • digital clock
  • white noise
  • light used for ambiance or reading
  • $80-150 each
  • LCD screen that dims when it's time to sleep
  • moon and star globe
  • backup battery in case of power outage
  • nature sounds. FM radio
  • iPod/iPhone doc
  • looks like it would be easy enough to make it a full spectrum lighting to defer the effects of SAD
  • all of them are silver and white, super boring, and very pricey
  • translucent, frosted globe for soothing glow
  • 1 black model- bed shaker, audio alarm (music or beep) and light alarm. Snooze button and have light turn on when you are on vacation.

flying alarm clock

clocks with wheels that require you to chase after them to shut them off.

These last 2 options dont have lights, making them cheaper ($50 or so)

Using 1 material and pushing it to a new level

Peel and stick flooring (for a future project)

Embroidery Hoop Mobile

Most mobiles I've seen online are all Calder knock-offs, where as this one is fresh and exciting. I can see modifying this idea and using colorful, etched glass cylinders, staggered at different heights with lights inside.

Adult Bed tent

Have peep holes or have round green windows like at herbivore in Berkeley.

Canopy Bed

I'm thinking of something more playful, colorful, asymmetrical and hanging from the ceiling. Possibly suggest the tent using translucent objects instead of fabric.

Part 1: Inspiration for my current commission

Sacramento airport impresses me again

Installation in a Welsh gallery.

article on stop motion bunnies in NY.

youtube- commercial of bunnies

SF bouncy balls advert by Sony Bravia

LED door with step by step instructions


How to make a kaleidoscope

Possibly create a 3d version of this photo. Instead of moving the kaleidoscope, vibrate the objects to rearrange them.

strings of beads like at the Baltimore Museum of Art

make a bead curtain out of something translucent.

Shrinky dink curtain of photos or drawings

Green xmas trees- now I'm getting in the holiday spirit

Check out this article:

18 Clever Christmas Trees Created With Recycled Materials.

Why doesn't San Francisco do this in Union Square? Maybe next year I'll write a proposal for a Green tree sculpture.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Overriding Microsoft Word's Auto formating - tables

Overriding Microsoft Word's Auto formating - tables


When manually trying to line up two columns of information, even if each line has the same number of spaces, they don’t always line up vertically. In this case blogger won't even let me spacebar over the states and country, so just pretend they are lined up, but a little off skew:

Sacramento California

London England

Denver Colorado

Portland Oregon


To make the columns line up perfectly, you can do create a table and then change the lines to white to hide the table.

First - draw a table. In Microsoft Vista you got o Insert – table.

Second – type in your information. It should look something like this: (The vertical line all the way to the left should appear, but for some weird reason here in blogger it is not. Just use your imagination.)









Third - click on the lines and move them closer to the words. Mess around with the table options; you can do all sorts of things like alter the line spacing.









Forth- Right click and go to “boarders and shading”

Change the color to white and you should end up with a list that is perfectly spaced:









Hint – you can use this same technique of changing text or lines to white to control formatting. If you have a line of text that is magically locked in place and won’t let you indent, tab or bullet, type in any letter, hit tab to make the spacing the way you want it, and then change the random letter to white- problem solved!