Sunday, July 26, 2009

Week 28 HITS

This is the first time I have been sick all year and it feels like it's making up for lost time. I caught whatever has been going around; mostly a bad cough and fatigue. Other then resting so much I am now stir crazy, I've been reading, watching movies and knitting. It is so hard to take it easy and rest. Seems like all I do is drink liquids and take naps. I am so ready to being back to normal.

I made a hat and a matching scarf. This hat was the first finished project I've made from a pattern! I actually unwounded it since I knit it too lose and it could of fit a giant! I'll reknit it this week.

I finished reading Terry Practhett's Going Postal and almost done with The Swiss Family Robinson.

On the up side I watched Coraline on DVD and the commentary! Of course it was spectacular and it made me want to more to Portland even sooner!

Over on my latest article is out called "Moving out of your comfort zone to advance business."

Hopefully next week I'll have more interesting things to report on (meaning I wont be sick and lethargic).

Take care,

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Flat Bryce is on his way to Jordan

All the pretty Colors....

Even when I have the chills and coughing, trying to keep hydrated I had to take a photo of these pretty colors before taking a sip.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week 27 HITS

The heat in Sacramento has finally gotten to me, since all last week it was in the 90s and 100s. Despite the sweltering temperature I was super productive in my life as an artist and business owner. One day I was babysitting two brothers who are friends of the family. We drew our own coloring books, baked cupcakes which they covered in a mountain of sprinkles and chocolate chips, read some books, assembled many puzzles and had a fencing lesson from me at the park. I love spending time with them. They are so much fun! Thank you!

Cooking is an art (that's why it's mentioned here.) This meal was particularly memorable since the last sandwich that conjures up an image is from 4 years ago from the W Hotel in San Francisco. Since being diagnosed with allergies to "all things American" like eggs, dairy and wheat, sandwiches went from a staple to an occasional snack. The bread that I can eat isnt anything to get excited about until I created these mini sandwich master pieces!

Sandwiched between rice bread:
veganase (which ended up not being needed since I'm use to not eating mayonnaise)
Dijon mustard
avocado with sea salt
cracked pepper Turkey breast
and goat cheddar cheese!!!

In the background you'll see a berry smoothie which was a perfect compliment to this meal.
It filled me up so much I skipped dinner and that is super unusual for me. I normally eat every couple of hours. *Huge smile

I cannot wait until I am hungry again and eat another sandwich!

Nomadic Virtual Assistant

More paperwork was knocked out for setting up my virtual assistant business. I am so excited to be in the industry group called "professional services." That makes me sound so grown up!

In the mail after 3 days of filing the fictitious business name it came back to me approved. I then posted the fictitious business name (that sounds so funny) in an ad in a local newspaper via the Internet! The Net can make things so easy.

The business website under went more adjustments, the cover letter and skills resume were also written. A skills resume was something I'd heard of but never analyzed on how to construct my own, so thanks to Google I fashioned one. I also signed up for a client/invoice tracking system that has oodles of other tools like tracking how much time is spent on each project and listing expenses. I love spreadsheets! It's called Freshbooks and so far so good. After signing up a few days later the company called me and asked if I had any specif questions on how to use the program. The quickest way to win me over is with exceptionally great customer service, which is why my web site is hosted by GoDaddy.

On Saturday I was at the bank making a deposit and I remembered that I put the approved fictitious business name paperwork in my wallet. I went inside and opened up a business checking account! It was so exciting! Now I have a credit card for that account and temporary checks. I feel like somebody special.


I'm planning the next projects for the families I am teaching how to knit. To my surprise on the Net there are tons of free and simple knitting patterns. I adore books and going to the library, so I didnt think of searching on the Internet sooner. I'm loving the pumpkin hat. Super cute!


As a refresher from making decisions on the computer, I've been reading 2 very fascinating and entertaining fictional books. If you want you can read more about them on the 2009 book list.


I wrote the latest article for my column on called Stepping out of your comfort zone to advance business. It came from the success of breaking my pattern of planning and practicing to be a business owner into taking the next step of applying what I've learned.

I've planned many businesses, but hadnt gotten past finding the government forms to make it official. The 4MAT teaching style (pictured above) shows that people have natural preferences on what tasks they prefer to do. I'd a die hard quadrant 3! This means I love to do quadrant 3 tasks first and this can leave the rest of the to-do list in neglect, thus hurting business.

Read the article to find out how I accomplished what was unnatural to me to get my business up and running.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Demo Reel Southwell Ian

Ian is very skilled and passionate about making video games. It's really impressive how many games he has made with the various teams he's been a apart of.

I had to brag. :-)

Here's a Shout Out to my Dreams

HITS week 26

(Flat Bryce is going to Jordan, but don't tell the real Bryce, he hasnt seen his counterpart yet. I drew him on bristol board with colored pencils. The plane takes off tomorrow. I'm not going, but Flat Bryce is going to the Middle East!)

Hello All,
Sorry about neglecting you by not posting on Monday like usual to give the update as to what I have been up to as an artist. I've been super busy and didnt make time to write about it. Pardon. That's the first time I've posted so late in the 26 weeks of this weekly posting.

The big news is that on Saturday I decided which business to set up and in my hot little hands is the returned, official papers that I'm a business owner! Wahoo! Thanks to Andrew for talking me through the paperwork, which felt so confusing looking at it by myself.

I am a virtual assistant contractor who helps business owners and artists with creative and administrative services like designing newsletters, organizing contacts in a spread sheet and Internet research.

The site is still being adjusted but it is basically up.

I finished house sitting and loved it so much! The joys of being a house sitter is finding the things I want in my future home, like this intricate vine. I loved sitting outside tanning, reading or sleeping with the lush green vine over head. One night I even slept outside, until I woke up super stiff on the lawn chair at 2:30 am and lumbered to my bed.

I need to ask what type of vine this is called. It is just too cool looking! The other thing I'd love in my dream home is a reverse osmosis water filter. It was such a joy to drink water that tasted that great! On the last day I filled up my metal canteen with some to go. I savored it all the next day.

Little animals have me by the scruff. I love cuddling with them. One day I could see being a proud bunny owner. They would be so spoiled. :-)

Having unusual and easy to take care of garden with fruit will for sure be in the plans too. I got to taste one of the fresh white peaches from the tree. Yummy!

Since my virtual assistant business is portable and the landlord wants the house back, I'm moving to Portland in October! I have to limit myself to thinking about writing my return address on envelopes and getting to write Portland. I use to be all sorts of giddy about putting San Francisco as my address for the first several years I lived there. I need that feeling again. I am so incredibly excited to be moving there! I'll keep you posted on the goings on.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

HITS Week 25

It's amazing that it's already time to share again what was accomplished in my life as an artist. Since the job hunt continues the amount of creative time has been drastically decreased. It's amazing how much time finding places to apply to and filling out the app takes. I lost count of how many places I applied to over the week, but it was something like 6. I didnt get the job I interviewed for, but I do have lots more leads in the art world.

Room Make-Over

This has been a process of lots of little steps, converting my cousin's bedroom from a kiddy Winnie the pooh themed room to a fun, more mature hang out place. The Pooh mural has been painted over and last week we started painting an intricate maze going from one picture frame to the next! My cousin K found the inspiration for the mural here. It's stunning!

The knitting lessons continue, as I pick up another family to teach knitting to. They are all such super fast learners. Look forward to seeing what amazing creations they will make.

Week of Firsts
  • My gymnast cousin K taught me to do my first kart wheel!
  • played the card game Killer Bunnies with a real live bunny in my lap
  • learning how to do a hand stand on the trampoline
  • Reacquainted myself on how to drive a stick after 5 years of driving a boring automatic
  • registered with a temp agency to find work
  • Treked around on my Trek over rocks and dirt down by the river. Even ended up dragging it up and down some very steep hills/drop offs. Managed to bike down a twisty, steep dirt path and slow down too much and fall over sideways on the flat bit. Go figure.
Besides a major focus on finding a regular job, I'm house siting which feels like a vacation home since it has a pool with a water fall, filtered water and tiny animals!

A few more photos are here.

See you next week!

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