Thursday, June 30, 2011

Labyrinth Locator

I am a total dork and love to walk labyrinths. Even when I'm traveling I seek them out. By doing something repetitive and simple, it relaxes my mind.

Find a labyrinth near you by using searching by your city.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Art Making Frenzy

After a six month art making sabbatical I am once again creating sculptures from recycled materials, artsy lights with LEDs, painting murals and whatever else looks fun to make. This is the first Happenings in the Studio post I've written this year. Here I talk about that I have done creatively over the past thirty days.

Project #1- Quail Egg Floral Arrangement

Over a year ago I made the above floral arrangement from dying duck and quail eggs. I've wanted to explore this idea some more and see how far I can push it. Guess what? Now's the time! Yesterday I prepped for this project by blowing 50 quail eggs. Talk about delicate work. Next step is to figure out a color scheme and dye them accordingly so they match the crazy straws.

Project #2- leaf labyrinth

Earlier this week I made the above labyrinth out of leaves and flowers from a tree in my yard. The wall hanging is about a 1 foot in diameter. I wanted to complete a project in a day and focus on the joy of creating, instead of worrying about perfection and a well crafted concept.

Back in college I was introduced to the labyrinth and since then they have appeared in my art and I seek them out when I travel. Like making repetitive art, walking in a maze with no dead ends is very meditative. Past labyrinths that I've made have been larger, like the below images. The diameter was 5'. It's made from donated leaves in the name of art from bushes near my old studio.

Project #3- Henna Ceiling Mural

The above googled image of the lady with the henna tattoo is the idea for the ceiling mural that is going onto this giant piece of paper. Many times I've painted henna and doodled designed in my sketchbooks, finding them meditative and playful. Instead of the traditional brown color, I'm seeing this mural as HOT PINK!

Project #4: LED Lantern

I'm waiting on the bedroom to be remodeled, then I'm going to make a giant LED lantern, like the above lights that I made for a different commission.

Project #5 and possible #6: Cactus Lights

Variants on my LED Cactus Lights are being brainstormed. One idea is to make the hanging lights wider and another is to wire then for the outdoors.

Stay tooned for progress photos.
See you August 1, 2011 for the next Happenings in the Studio.

Table of Contents for Happenings in the Studio

Art Making Sabbatical is OVER!

Since the New Year I've taken a sabbatical from making art. It wasn’t fulfilling. The art that I chose to create wasn't expressing loud how I was feeling. It was aggravating to create. I needed an active form of art, so I put sculpture on hold and took up martial arts.

About six months later, I tweaked my back and neck from repairing one of my installations. I hurt it from taking down this curtain made from 950 bouncy balls. It was the straw that broke the camels back.This caused a wave of change. Something snapped and I decided that finally I was done being afraid. I’m over having fear keep me from joy.

First I caught a one-way ticket Colorado to see an incredible chiropractor and acupuncturist. Serendipity helped me catch the flight since how I had 10 minutes to pack and zero time to get held up at security. That was the first time traveling by myself that I wasn’t stopped by security.

Then on the way to the airport I quit my job at a picture framing shop. The job wasn’t fulfilling. I want to assist visual artists create and show their art. Over the past five years, I’ve done that part-time, but fear of not getting enough consistent work has held me back from pursing it. I’m over that fear too. I’m going for it!

After a week spent healing in the peaceful Colorado plains, I flew back to the San Francisco Bay Area feeling much stronger and happier. On the first day back, I ran out of my comfort zone and talked myself up to local artists. I actually enjoyed networking! I can fit the need for an organized and reliable assistant, just meeting so many talented artists made me eager to help them reach their goals.

It’s been 23 days since I’ve tweaked my back. I believe the pain stayed so long because I needed to sort out some emotional issues. I tested this out last night by facing another huge fear; a fear of rejection. I made a phone call to a voice I hadn’t heard in nine years. I didn’t die from the experience. We talked for an hour and even had some laughs.

Now I am balancing my time between personal assisting jobs, making art for me and for commissions and taking better care of myself. It’s been such a huge month that I keep reminding myself to treat myself gently.

Hears to

“Out of my comfort zone and LOVING it!”

And to

“Doing Less!”

Friday, June 17, 2011

Recent Art Commissions using Repurposed Materials

Some of my commissions since graduating in 2008 with a BFA in Sculpture:

Elizabeth Symington
LED Lanterns, 2010
tallest light is about 1.5 feet
plastic containers (duck soap pump, laundry detergent caps...), bouncy balls, stiffened ribbon

Elizabeth Symington
Bouncy Ball Curtain, 2010
59" x 90"
950 bouncy balls (AKA super balls), crazy straws

Elizabeth Symington
Cactus Lights, 2009
approx. 10', 11' and 12' tall
black elastic, plastic containers, LEDs

Do you have a blank space in your home or office that needs something creative?
I can design and create an art installation using repurposed materials in unusual ways.

Or are you an artist seeking a studio assistant? Over the past five years, I've assisted seven visual artists from the art making to paperwork. We can set up a weekly appointment or by the project.

For a complete resume please visit,

Please contact me to get things started: elizabeth at elizabethsymington dot com

I look forward to hearing from you.