Sunday, June 26, 2011

Art Making Frenzy

After a six month art making sabbatical I am once again creating sculptures from recycled materials, artsy lights with LEDs, painting murals and whatever else looks fun to make. This is the first Happenings in the Studio post I've written this year. Here I talk about that I have done creatively over the past thirty days.

Project #1- Quail Egg Floral Arrangement

Over a year ago I made the above floral arrangement from dying duck and quail eggs. I've wanted to explore this idea some more and see how far I can push it. Guess what? Now's the time! Yesterday I prepped for this project by blowing 50 quail eggs. Talk about delicate work. Next step is to figure out a color scheme and dye them accordingly so they match the crazy straws.

Project #2- leaf labyrinth

Earlier this week I made the above labyrinth out of leaves and flowers from a tree in my yard. The wall hanging is about a 1 foot in diameter. I wanted to complete a project in a day and focus on the joy of creating, instead of worrying about perfection and a well crafted concept.

Back in college I was introduced to the labyrinth and since then they have appeared in my art and I seek them out when I travel. Like making repetitive art, walking in a maze with no dead ends is very meditative. Past labyrinths that I've made have been larger, like the below images. The diameter was 5'. It's made from donated leaves in the name of art from bushes near my old studio.

Project #3- Henna Ceiling Mural

The above googled image of the lady with the henna tattoo is the idea for the ceiling mural that is going onto this giant piece of paper. Many times I've painted henna and doodled designed in my sketchbooks, finding them meditative and playful. Instead of the traditional brown color, I'm seeing this mural as HOT PINK!

Project #4: LED Lantern

I'm waiting on the bedroom to be remodeled, then I'm going to make a giant LED lantern, like the above lights that I made for a different commission.

Project #5 and possible #6: Cactus Lights

Variants on my LED Cactus Lights are being brainstormed. One idea is to make the hanging lights wider and another is to wire then for the outdoors.

Stay tooned for progress photos.
See you August 1, 2011 for the next Happenings in the Studio.

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  1. Wow. You surely are on a creative streak. I am soooo happy for you. I see why you want to do cartwheels now! I am especially interested in the hot pink ceiling mural. How fun to complete an art piece in one day just for the sure joy of it. I look forward to seeing more.