Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bouncy Ball Curtain completed

Bouncy ball curtain by me, Elizabeth Symington.

Photos thanks to Luke Goodman.

Oodles of crazy straws and 950 bouncy balls later and vio la!! bouncy ball curtain!

I finished the commission on April 23rd, 2010 and had a small celebratory party, involving playing with the 100 extra bouncy balls.

  • The 1,100 bouncy balls were hand drilled, which only took 4 hours
  • The curtain is 90 inches tall and about 59 inches wide
  • Stetson, Andrew's lab, did grab one big bouncy ball during the install, but so far has left them alone (fingers crossed)
  • The balls came from a gumball machine supplier that I found online

Check out for more of my colorful art.

Posts on the process of making this curtain:

Sony Bravia bouncy ball commercial
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video- drilling 1050 holes
Stringing the bouncy balls
video- Bouncy ball drop
slideshow - bouncy ball curtain and other art


  1. This is a beautiful composition. I think you should talk to someone about mass production, because I want one.

  2. Hi Matthew,
    I am impressed you found this post so fast- I just created it. Are you a friend of Andrew's? Either way, I am available for commissions. So shoot me an email (elizabeth at elizabethsymington dot com) if you are really interested. Thanks for your kind words about my art.

    take care,

  3. The curtain looks absolutely incredible! So much fun

  4. Thank you Celeste! It meant a lot to me to have you there. It was such a fun time. Can't wait to see you again.

  5. Just beautiful. I especially liked the photo of the swinging strands. Congratulations on a job well done.

  6. It was a pleasure supplying the bouncy balls for this unique project. Great work.

  7. Thank you gumball machine warehouse! I will be back when I have more bouncy ball curtain commissions.

  8. Hi Elizabeth! What a Wicked Cool idea this is! I would LOVE to have/make something like this for Me or my daughter! ;)
    I just posted a link to your blog on my fb page here:
    The teachers and parents are going to love this!

  9. I love this thing! Is there any way I could get one?

  10. I would like to get one! This is so cool