Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspiration for lantern commission

I am working on designing lanterns to match the bouncy ball curtain commission. The way I like to start my projects is to see what has already been created, adjust it to fit my needs and push the design from there to make it my own.

My Inspiration:

These photos I found in Google images by typing in "lantern." You can find them too, by googling them.

I am working on prototypes and different shapes for the lanterns. I'll post some photos when things get further along.

Bouncy Ball Commercial

Amazing knitter

I discovered a blog a while back and I thought I had shared it with you, but I realized I haven't. It's called Red Threads: untangling. She is a funky knitter with lots of talent and any eye for patterns.

I am a free form knitter at heart, but I did knit a pattern of hers called the monk hat. It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be deciphering a knitting pattern for the first time.

Her swirl neckwarmer is ridiculously cute and I'd love to have one (hint hint).

I'm still going through her archive and loving reading what she has to say. I don't know her name, but I do know she is in Germany and is amazing at what she does. Check out her blog and her etsy store where she sells her hand spun yarn.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

flying frogs

Every year one American illustrator of Childrens books is awarded the golden Caldecott medal. There are also several silver awards. I'm half way through the gold winners, which dates back to 1938.

So far my favorite books are by author/illustrator David Wiesman. His stories are quirky and beautifully illustrated. He is also one of the few artists who have been awarded multiple Caldecott awards.

I've discovered from reading so many kid's books, that I prefer to be awed by the art and story line, but to have little or no text. My mind likes to fill in the blanks.

I really love reading Tuesday, because it has so few words. Plus the frogs on lilly pads crack me up as they fly around getting into mischief.

To read about David Weisner's creative process in making Tuesday, check out his website here.

To read the Caldecott winners yourself, go to this link for a list of the books.

What's your favorite Caldecott book?

Monday, May 3, 2010

April HITS

Hello, Welcome to the April Happenings in the Studio (HITS), where I recap what I did as a visual artist for the last 30 days.

At the beginning of the month I had a henna party for my cousins, where I touched up one tattoo that I did in March and painted two tribal tats for my 8 year-old cousin. I wish I had photos because she looked so cool with them on.

I’m transitioning over from my custom framing job to doing full-time U.S. Census work. It is so nice having more hours, higher pay and a flexible schedule.

I spent a couple of days in the San Francisco Bay Area fellowshipping with fellow artists and making art. One morning I helped my friend Celeste Flores with making a rubber mold of her dancer, so she can cast it for a film. Part of the time I assisted Philip Krohn with his stop motion film starring plastic bottle caps. And I installed my bouncy ball curtain!

For more details about the curtain click here. All of the stunning photos of the bouncy ball curtain are by Luke Goodman.

Now that the bouncy ball curtain is completed I’m working on my next commission for the same client. It is going to be lanterns made out of bouncy balls that hang around the bedroom. I got the idea for stringing the bouncy balls on wire after hearing about gummy bear chandeliers. For now I’ve made paper stand-in lanterns to get an idea of how many I need to create and I’ve researched different designs for lanterns.

This gummy bear chandelier inspired my current project of bouncy ball lanterns.

Of course I had to skewer my own gummy bears just to see what it’s like, plus I want to see if they get brittle. So far they are a tad dry after sitting out for a week.

Enjoy the new work in the below video. I'll see you at the beginning of June for the next episode of HITS (Happenings in the Studio).

HITS Table of Contents

Sunday, May 2, 2010

fellow plastic container fanatic

My friend Celeste introduced me to the art of Korean artist, Choi Jeong Hwa. He had a show at the LACMA called happy, happy that reminded Celeste of my art in that we both stack colorful, plastic containers.

I love his hutsba in making huge installations. Looking at his art makes me giddy to make my art on large scale.

Check out his site to see colorful and whimsical art that will make you smile.