Monday, January 30, 2012


Rest in peace my most beloved pet.

Chip Buff-Dog Wright-Symington

March 12, 1992-January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Book List

August 2012

13. The Perfect Vehicle: What it is about Motorcycles by Melissa Holbrook

(just started reading)

When I was googling the title of the book, the above green vehicle popped up when I typed in "the perfect vehicle." It made me smile. It reminds me of Yoshi from Mario Brothers.

As for the book, I just picked it up and I've only read the first chapter. It's reminding me that there's lots of positive things to look forward to when I have my M license. I have a motorcycle training safety course coming up and I'm pretty nervous. So I'm reading up on how bikes work and how to ride them.

15. The Everything Motorcycle Book by A.J. Drew

(currently reading)

I have my gear. Now I'm getting educated on types of bikes and how they work. :-)

July 2012

14. Japanese women don't get old or fat by Naomi Moriyama

(finished reading- and LOVED)

Check out my review here over on the food blog, Surprisingly Thankful. 

13. Fire Season by Philip Connors

(finished reading)

I could easily spend 5 months of the year in the wilderness, looking for fires and not get bored. No internet. No cell phone. No keys. That's my kind of heaven.

Lots of nature. Plenty of time for practicing martial arts. Playing guitar. Writing. Camping. Day and night hikes. Learning about local flora and fauna. Being apart of something important.

I'm resisting the urge to pack up asap and apply to be a fire watch. Perhaps next summer. We shall see.

June 2012

12. The RAW Truth by Jordan Rubin

(finished reading)

My cells sing when I eat organic, superfoods. I also get a high from eating raw foods. I've read raw cookbooks (for lack of a better word) but now it's time to delve deeper and make this a life style. I'm leaning towards being a raw omnivore, but we'll see. I wouldn't put it past me to become vegan.  

My review of this book along with the recipes that I tried are over here, on my food blog called Surprisingly Thankful. 

11. Fire Monks by Coleen Morton Busch

(finished reading and I LOVED it!)

In 2008, five monks stayed behind after the third evacuation of their home in the wilderness west of Big Sur to fend off the incoming wildfire. 

The book covers fire fighting politics/logistics, how zen helped prepare these monks for the unknown, and about the history of Tassajara, the monastery. 

10. Tell me something about Buddhism by Zenju Earthlyn Manual


Introduction to Buddhism with beautiful poetry. The title says it all.

8 & 9 
various DVDs from the library on how to play the acoustic guitar

May 2012

7. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall


Pumped up on the idea of communal living, eating whole foods (and eating less in general if I just focus on nutrition dense foods), running!, traveling and meeting people.

This is a MUST READ! Check out the library and get it now!

February 2012

6. Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery

(read the first 1/3 and called it good)

I read this series as a kid. Now I am rereading them instead of mindlessly surfing the web.

5. Operations Manual for Machine Tool Technology by Clifford Oliver

(textbook for class)

Another one of my textbooks for the precision machining class that I taking. I still can't believe that I get to learn about metal and tools for homework. Celeste you would love this class! I keep thinking about you.

4. Print Reading for Industry by Walter and Ryan Brown

(textbook for class)

So far I've learned what the alphabet of lines and I'm loving it! Reading blueprints is like decoding a message. I learned to read Braille for the same reason- I just want to know what it says!


3. A wise man's fear by Patrick Rothfuss

(finished reading)

This is the second book of his trilogy (the third is being written as we speak). It is epic like Lord of the Rings. I love the characters and the plot twists. I look forward to the third book to be written.

2. The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel, Ph.D

(currently enjoying)

For a Christmas present friend from a fellow artist, Celeste gave me this book on weekly activities to encourage me to be a creative in everything that I do. I really am going to take the year to enjoy the processes instead of seeing how quickly I can master this skill.

1. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

(finished reading)

After reading The name of the Wind, it reminded me how much I love reading for fun, instead of obsessing over being "productive" every minute of the day, this includes reading "helpful" and "applicable" books. I have fond memories reading this series as a kid, so I'm revisiting those times.