Saturday, March 12, 2011

Out of my comfort zone

My mother has an awesome motto for 2011- "Out of my comfort zone and loving it!"

What have I done this year that is out of my comfort zone?

  • I tried acupuncture and immediately found that it helps relieve my neck pain. Now I go on a regular basis. After the first visit I've been able to watch my acupuncturist put the needles in. It's like a gentle pinch with an occasional hard pinch.
  • I've taken the initiative in asking boys out on dates. I've learned a lot and I have more respect for the guts and the work that it takes to ask someone out on a date. So far, not much luck, so I'm going to stop trying so hard.
  • I cut 5 inches of my hair off. I was so nervous that I almost chickened out. In college I would cut my hair into a bob all the time and it looked good too! I ended up cutting my hair because I was afraid. I dont want to be afraid over little things like that. Everything ended up fine and I saved $30.

My motto for 2011 is "Enjoy doing Less."
This has transformed into "Enjoy doing Les." To "Enjoy." I am quickly adapting to doing less and enjoying things deeper. My mind is more focused since there are fewer details to keep track of. This is such a welcome and much needed break from job hunting for 1.5 years for a full-time job.