Monday, June 29, 2009

HITS Week 24

My life as an artist took a back seat over the week since the focus was on applying for jobs and celebrating my mom for finishing graduate school!


Thanks to the library these two books are helping me with my first project that involves using a pattern. Between the two, I have deciphered the pattern for the purple hat shown above. I still was unsure what YO meant, since the glossary just said "yarn over". Having no idea what I was supposed to do I jumped on the Internet and found a video on how to do a YO. has a glossary of knitting terms, longer explanations then my books and many videos that cover the English and the Continental style. Right now I knit English which is the basic way to knit, but I am going to learn to knit continental since it is faster.

The hat is looking like a hat for a giant. I figured out the pattern, it's just the size that's an issue. The plan is to finish it and hope that it shrinks in the wash.

I've been knitting for 1 1/2 years, but I've been more of a free form knitter and make it up as I go. I've knit slip covers for furniture (aka conceptual art). That was such a enjoyable and fulfilling time that I plan to knit some more.

J.O.B. Hunting
Over the past 7 days I have applied to 9 places, which resulted in an interview. The state of the economy is becoming more and more obvious to me when places that use to have high turn overs are not even interested in me filling out an application to keep on hand. Edison had 99 no's so I'm going to persist. All I need is one yes.

My Mom the Graduate

The weekend was a celebration of my mom and her hard work at Seminary. She graduated with honors (not a surprise, but we're still very proud). Friday night was dinner on a paddle boat and the next day was the ceremony followed by Leatherbes. Grandma would of been very proud too (and excited about going for ice cream).

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