Monday, July 6, 2009

HITS Week 25

It's amazing that it's already time to share again what was accomplished in my life as an artist. Since the job hunt continues the amount of creative time has been drastically decreased. It's amazing how much time finding places to apply to and filling out the app takes. I lost count of how many places I applied to over the week, but it was something like 6. I didnt get the job I interviewed for, but I do have lots more leads in the art world.

Room Make-Over

This has been a process of lots of little steps, converting my cousin's bedroom from a kiddy Winnie the pooh themed room to a fun, more mature hang out place. The Pooh mural has been painted over and last week we started painting an intricate maze going from one picture frame to the next! My cousin K found the inspiration for the mural here. It's stunning!

The knitting lessons continue, as I pick up another family to teach knitting to. They are all such super fast learners. Look forward to seeing what amazing creations they will make.

Week of Firsts
  • My gymnast cousin K taught me to do my first kart wheel!
  • played the card game Killer Bunnies with a real live bunny in my lap
  • learning how to do a hand stand on the trampoline
  • Reacquainted myself on how to drive a stick after 5 years of driving a boring automatic
  • registered with a temp agency to find work
  • Treked around on my Trek over rocks and dirt down by the river. Even ended up dragging it up and down some very steep hills/drop offs. Managed to bike down a twisty, steep dirt path and slow down too much and fall over sideways on the flat bit. Go figure.
Besides a major focus on finding a regular job, I'm house siting which feels like a vacation home since it has a pool with a water fall, filtered water and tiny animals!

A few more photos are here.

See you next week!

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  1. the winnie the pooh miral is gone?! wow... thats been up there forever. I remember when that was painted on there. But Im sure K is happy with her new room makeover.