Thursday, July 16, 2009

HITS week 26

(Flat Bryce is going to Jordan, but don't tell the real Bryce, he hasnt seen his counterpart yet. I drew him on bristol board with colored pencils. The plane takes off tomorrow. I'm not going, but Flat Bryce is going to the Middle East!)

Hello All,
Sorry about neglecting you by not posting on Monday like usual to give the update as to what I have been up to as an artist. I've been super busy and didnt make time to write about it. Pardon. That's the first time I've posted so late in the 26 weeks of this weekly posting.

The big news is that on Saturday I decided which business to set up and in my hot little hands is the returned, official papers that I'm a business owner! Wahoo! Thanks to Andrew for talking me through the paperwork, which felt so confusing looking at it by myself.

I am a virtual assistant contractor who helps business owners and artists with creative and administrative services like designing newsletters, organizing contacts in a spread sheet and Internet research.

The site is still being adjusted but it is basically up.

I finished house sitting and loved it so much! The joys of being a house sitter is finding the things I want in my future home, like this intricate vine. I loved sitting outside tanning, reading or sleeping with the lush green vine over head. One night I even slept outside, until I woke up super stiff on the lawn chair at 2:30 am and lumbered to my bed.

I need to ask what type of vine this is called. It is just too cool looking! The other thing I'd love in my dream home is a reverse osmosis water filter. It was such a joy to drink water that tasted that great! On the last day I filled up my metal canteen with some to go. I savored it all the next day.

Little animals have me by the scruff. I love cuddling with them. One day I could see being a proud bunny owner. They would be so spoiled. :-)

Having unusual and easy to take care of garden with fruit will for sure be in the plans too. I got to taste one of the fresh white peaches from the tree. Yummy!

Since my virtual assistant business is portable and the landlord wants the house back, I'm moving to Portland in October! I have to limit myself to thinking about writing my return address on envelopes and getting to write Portland. I use to be all sorts of giddy about putting San Francisco as my address for the first several years I lived there. I need that feeling again. I am so incredibly excited to be moving there! I'll keep you posted on the goings on.

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