Saturday, December 5, 2009

Little Mermaid Sing along

Since I am procrastinating, I might as well as be productive about it. Here's a post I've been meaning to share since August 2008, when I went with some friends to the Little Mermaid Sing along at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. I've been delaying this post, (waiting for a copy of the photos,) but I've come to accept I will never get them. So I had to borrow images via google from fellow attendees from that wonderful night.

Mostly over enthusiastic adults attended this very nostalgic event. At the door we got goodie bags that had crowns, a noise clapper (to be used every time Sebastien came on screen), a glow stick (to wave around when it felt festive to do so), a popper to use at the end of the movie and mardi gras beads just cause they are fun.

Before the movie there was a costume contest for the kids and one for the adults. I was "Bed Sheet Ariel." I'm 2nd from the left in the black knee high boots wearing a dress made from a bed sheet with corset lacing. I loved that dress! It fit so well and brought me back to my obsession with being Ariel as a kid.

The audience voted on who had the best contest. I should of known the tranny would win. I had the second loudest applause, which was really flattering. Then afterwards people were asking to take their photo with me. I wish I had a close up of the dress. Bummer. At least it was still an amazign time!

It was SUPER loud, with everyone singing and laughing. We had other cues, like to boo when we saw Ursula, make kissy noises when Eric came on screen and to cheer for Ariel whenever she changed her outfit!!!!

To hear how loud and silly we were, check out these two videos:
costume contest
You got to kiss the girl

I had a FANTASTIC night; one that I will always remember. Besides the sing along, we started off with mimosa and Thai (there was even jumbo Braille on the wall for decoration), then after the show we ate super yummy, authentic tacos. Thanks for the memories everyone!!

I just learned that there is an annual showing of "The Sound of Music" at the Castro Theater every Thanksgiving, complete with costume contest. I know what I am doing next year. ;-)

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