Friday, December 11, 2009

Part 2: inspiration for my current commission

Sunrise clocks already on the market have these features:

  • timer set to simulate sunrise and sunset using lights
  • beeping alarm
  • digital clock
  • white noise
  • light used for ambiance or reading
  • $80-150 each
  • LCD screen that dims when it's time to sleep
  • moon and star globe
  • backup battery in case of power outage
  • nature sounds. FM radio
  • iPod/iPhone doc
  • looks like it would be easy enough to make it a full spectrum lighting to defer the effects of SAD
  • all of them are silver and white, super boring, and very pricey
  • translucent, frosted globe for soothing glow
  • 1 black model- bed shaker, audio alarm (music or beep) and light alarm. Snooze button and have light turn on when you are on vacation.

flying alarm clock

clocks with wheels that require you to chase after them to shut them off.

These last 2 options dont have lights, making them cheaper ($50 or so)

Using 1 material and pushing it to a new level

Peel and stick flooring (for a future project)

Embroidery Hoop Mobile

Most mobiles I've seen online are all Calder knock-offs, where as this one is fresh and exciting. I can see modifying this idea and using colorful, etched glass cylinders, staggered at different heights with lights inside.

Adult Bed tent

Have peep holes or have round green windows like at herbivore in Berkeley.

Canopy Bed

I'm thinking of something more playful, colorful, asymmetrical and hanging from the ceiling. Possibly suggest the tent using translucent objects instead of fabric.

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