Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Highlights from Art School

1. Fencing on the school team
Practicing 4 nights a week 2-3 hours at a shot, built up a camaraderie and a very buff right side of my body. Just like on past teams I've played on, I felt like I belonged somewhere.

2. Meeting Ian, my college boy friend.
I learned so much about him and from him. Ian taught me to relax, do less, love myself more and to take my health seriously. If it wasn't for his support I wouldn't of finished college. Thank you!

3. Anatomy field trip to draw from cadavers.
I love seeing how the body works, hands-on! I learned so much more sketching from a real person, then from studying skeletons and sketches.

4. Having my food allergies identified
Another blessing from Ian was having his father tell which foods I'm allergic to. I'm thankful to have allergies since having them has brought on a deeper awareness to what I eat and do.

I was raised to say nothing at all if I don't have anything nice things to say, but here I go anyways. I learned a lot from the Academy of Art, but I still don't recommend it. Going there is a good way to start off life in student loan debt. Given the quality of the school, it is way over priced and not worth attending. I'm glad I have a BFA, but I could of gone some place cheaper and received better training.

Latest art creation- LED lanterns

Reflecting on my fondest memories of art school shows that making art wasn't the highlight. I enjoy creating, but I'd much prefer being active. This is the super abbreviated version of my thoughts, but basically my art is evolving into activities I want more of: social interaction, voicing my opinion, feeling free and uninhibited, having less control over the outcome of situations and having a more physically demanding way of creating art. More about that later.

From college I learned that I LOVE learning new skills and building friendships while practicing a sport. I get high on life and things look bright and shiny. All I want to do is stretch, run, kick, punch, and do some shrimp-ups. I so much prefer sculpting me to making all of my past art and learning how my body works, becoming more disciplined and aware of how to better treat myself.

It would be a dream job to be paid to exercise with other people. (I've never had that thought about making my art.) With that said, my art needs to evolve into activities I can't get enough of.

Next art project???

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  1. You are very welcome, I learned a lot from you too. It was always a treat to get to use the tools and shop that never would have been able to use had I not met you. O and for those of you who don't know what shrimp-ups are, your missing out. They make sit-ups getting a six-pac a lot more fun.