Friday, December 31, 2010

December 2010 HITS

This Happenings in the Studio post is a recap of what I've accomplished and experienced as a visual artist over the last 30 days. Short of decorating my Christmas tree with bouncy ball garland and crazy straws, I haven't dedicated time in the studio.

In recent posts I've shared that I'm focusing more on what I LOVE doing. Meaning my art needs to shift to a more verbal form of expression, perhaps morph into performance art, dance, or song writing. I LOVE exercising way more than I do making art, so I've been indulging in that instead.

This year I'm going to focus on doing more of what I get giddy over and do more of that. For now I'm converting my art studio into another type of studio- an empty room for exercising in.

I get irritated when I'm told that if I stop making art I won't get back to it. I know me better than anyone. I decide if and when I make art. Creating, sharing, learning and improving myself is what fuels me, so I am exploring the various forms that they can take.

I'm not over concerned with starting a new sculpture. I'm not going to plan, but create when I feel like it. With that said, I might be taking a sabbatical from writing The Happenings in the Studio. We'll see how I feel February 1st, 2011. I'll still post periodically on this blog and on my food blog, Surprisingly Thankful.

2011 resolutions:
1. DO LESS!!!
2. Eat weird produce.

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