Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 2010 HITS

Welcome to the November HITS (Happenings in the Studio), where I recap my life as a visual artist. This month I continued studying to be a certified picture framers (CPF), finished the LED lantern commission and started decorating my Christmas tree with bouncy balls and crazy straws.

Framing News
Work continues to be a rewarding challenge where I learn new skills daily. I made up a study schedule for taking the Certified Picture Framer's Exam by referencing the PPFA's recommended reading list of 23 books. This link is a list of those books and which libraries in the San Francisco bay area carry them. For the books that are not available at a library, I requested that they consider purchasing a copy.

My Christmas Tree- In Progress

I wanted to skip the boring step of fluffing the tree, but there was no way around it (and no one to do it for me). I'm glad I fluffed it, it made a huge difference.

The initial idea and placement of ornaments. I'm just using materials in the studio, like crazy straws and bouncy balls.

I tested which size would look best on the tree, hence the 2 different sizes in the above photo. I'm going to make more garlands out of tinfoil that are a little bigger then the larger one in the photo. I think they need to be bigger otherwise they will be the same size as the bouncy ball garland and the eye likes variety.

Monkies from barrel of monkies!

More pics to come as I continue to work on the tree.


These lanterns are hanging at a friend's loft. Andrew's original idea was to commission me to make hanging lights set up to a sunrise alarm clock, so it would get gradually brighter helping him to wake up. After a bunch of prototypes the installation evolved into lanterns made out of ribbon and plastic containers that are lit with LEDs.

Thank you for looking at my art. As always it's great to have readers. I'll see you next month for the next issue of the Happenings In The Studio (HITS).

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  1. Beautiful tree. Looks like you are having fun. xxoo Mom

  2. I like the Lanterns... They remind me of the mushrooms from super mario brothers!