Monday, November 1, 2010

October 2010 HITS

Welcome to the October HITS (Happenings In The Studio). This is the monthly recap of what's been going on in my life as a visual artist. Over the month of October I've finished setting up my new apartment and art studio. Peg board is on the wall. Tools are organized. Art supplies are sorted and I'm ready to finish the LED Lantern commission.

I'm searching for my new rhythm at my new job and apartment. Must admit I am pretty tired, albeit content, so I apologize that this is an atypical half-hearted HITS.

This month I finished my online class on how to design a hybrid class. And for my other online class, which is about how to be an effective manager, I just took the midterm. I'm already salivating over the plethora of classes I get to choose from for the Spring semester.

I'm also studying to take the exam to be a certified picture framer. I don't have a date yet set up, but since there are 18 recommended books to study, I think I'll take it Fall 2011.

Wish I had photos and more art completed this month, but all in due course.



  1. So grateful that things are going well and that you are content. Thanks for posting this even though it isn't "artistic" per normal. I love hearing about what's going on in your life. Lots of love, Mom.

  2. It's awesome things are working out. Hopefully once you get settled in we will get to see more amazing projects.

  3. Thank you my loyal readers and commenters. It always makes me smile when I get feedback on this blog. For sure I will be making more art- I just need to take care of some other things first. Thanks for reading! take care