Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Welcome to HITS, the Happenings in the Studio, where I share what went on in my life as an artist. May was very unusual for me, in that I didn’t spend much time in the art studio. Instead I worked at my temporary Census job, applied to about 25 jobs, and I celebrated my birthday!!

As far as the artsy stuff goes, I made a prototype lantern made out of bouncy balls and crafted a thank you card out of a cheerios box, green straws and blue, plastic monkeys.

I was on a reading frenzy and blew through 26 gold medal Caldecott books and eight silver winners. That leaves eight gold winners left to read! There are still lots more silver winners to read since there are anywhere from zero to five books chosen for each year dating back to 1938. I have discovered some new favorite authors and illustrators. And I have decided on the topic for the book I am going to write. It's going to be a book of lesson plans centering around the award winning picture books and art, reading and writing. Once it's all put together I am thinking of teaching the class too.

My ears were treated to three concerts by my talented cousins. I don’t know how to play any instruments, so I am mystified hearing musicians perform. How do they do that? One of the songs is featured on the May HITS video.

My Aunt and I are collaborating on a website. It is going to be awesome! You’re just going to have to wait until June’s HITS to hear more about it.

Thanks for dropping by! See you July 1st!

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  1. Thanks Cactus! I love getting comments. :-) It shows me that people are reading this besides my immediate family. Anything in particular scream cool?

  2. You had a lot of fun with that melon.

  3. follow the link to the chairs http://www.flickr.com/photos/50744909@N04/4661632707/