Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crush it!

"Eliminating the Negative Factors."

Reading that a few days ago made something click. The saying "turn lemons into lemonade" has crossed my path, but it didn't make me want to apply it or really think about it's meaning.

A negative situation for me is not having enough time in the day. I adore mornings because I don't feel behind. It's a start of a fresh day with a new to-do list. Everything is on schedule. (Did you pick up that I love starting new projects because it's exciting?) Plus I'm wired to think clearly and more creatively and focus for hours on a task if it's before noon.

How do I give myself more time? How do I get longer mornings?

Get up earlier.

Now that it's summer it's easy to say that, since it's warm and sunny by 6am and the birds are up and tweeting.

This morning I woke up feeling behind and berated myself (while still laying in bed snuggling with the dog), that I shouldn't of slept in. I should of respected the alarm I set and got up at 7am. After a little while I did get up and greeted the morning sun to find out it was 5am! I was awake and functioning so I capitalize on that extra time and started cracking on the to-do list.

I'm going to start getting up earlier although probably not 5am. I'm thinking 6 in the morn. For sure it is going to be tough some days, like when I stay up late, but I want to build my legacy.

I am working on changing my current situation (albeit not horrible, but not where I planned on being after graduating college).
Typically I am motivated by what I don't want (student loan debt, being broke). However some of my wants is to have the freedom to travel, make tons of art, and live in a yurt or a loft or a tree house (or some other dwelling of my very own). I need to remind myself when it's cold outside of the covers at 6am, that if I sleep in it will take so much longer to get what I want.

If you haven't read Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk, you need to read it. I'm hoping you will create your passion into a career (if you're not doing that already). I need to figure out what the "it" from "Crush it!" is for me. I'm a champ at whack-a-mole, but I know a life of focusing on everything will be exhausting and unrewarding. I'm learning to focus and figuring out what I really want out of life (and creating the discipline to get up early).

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