Saturday, August 14, 2010

Paper lantern progress

The paper lantern commission is coming right along. Here are some photos of the prototypes. They look finished, but after making them, I realized that the paper is prone to sage too much, and I want to make art that lasts as long as possible.

The next phase (starting today) is to experiment with other materials instead of paper strips. A few ideas are fabric, ribbon and canvas.

After picking up a few books on paper lanterns from the San Francisco public library, I have several ideas I want to try involving a sounder armature. I wish I followed my typical way of working, which is researching what other artisans have done with that subject/material and study how they were constructed, then start my own variations. Ah well. It's all a learning process.

How could I resist not using a mini slinky to connect the two lanterns together?

The goal is to finish the lanterns (about 11 total) and install them by the end of the month. Then in the future I'll wire them with LEDs and hook them up to a timer to simulate a sunrise to make getting out of bed easier.

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