Wednesday, July 2, 2008


(Photo of Oregon by Luke Goodman)

Last Friday, I was washing a ceiling in the East Bay thinking to myself that I would rather be in Oregon doing this. By Tuesday, I bought a one-way train ticket to Portland. I've been going nuts following a full schedule, obsessing over planning and completing unrealistic to-do lists. This trip is meant to be about exploring, liberating, shoot from the hip, do new things, be outgoing, confident but mostly- be OUTSIDE! I am so over buildings, BART, sidewalks, MUNI, and my alarm clock.

The reason for the 1 way ticket, is so that I can go back to SF from any city I want. Seattle and Canada are calling my name. Old neighbors from England live in Seattle. They had a farm with geese. Without provoking the flock, they would stretch their necks so that they would be taller than me and honk and chase me! I still don't like geese. I also have a couple friends in Oregon that I haven't seen in over a year. It will be great to see them!

Todays marks my first day away from BART.

Currently I am in Sacramento with my family then off to Oregon this Sunday!

My mom spoiled me by taking us for a massage. We tried to get a reflexology massage but as hard as we tried the ladies didn't understand English. The full-body massage was relaxing and the bat guano tea was yummy.

Then at night, my mom, cousins and Aunt went to the drive-in movie theatre. It was crazy packed! That made it exciting! It was like the good old days when the drive-in was the cool place to hang out. We made ice cream topped with fresh fruit. It was my second time seeing Wall-E and it was just as cute (cute with a Q!) One of my friends worked on the short about the magician and another friend worked on Wall-E! I clapped when their names went by!!! I am so happy for them.

Keep checking back because I will be posting while exploring the West Coast, (mostly so that my mom doesn't freak out).

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