Sunday, July 13, 2008

DAY 11

I've been reading "What Color is your parachute?" The author stresses sending thank you notes to anyone who helps you. My mom ingrained that into my head growing up. So today I sent off thank yous to Mary Anne and Deb for letting me stay at their place in Portland and one to the librarian from Eugene that was so helpful. It feels good to tell them that what they did was appreciated. And I know how much fun and rewarding it is to get a real thank you card (as apposed to an email).

Today is the first day of the Oregon Country Fair!!! I got there at 10:30 by bus. The public bus loaded up with fair-goers and bussed us 25 minutes into the country! The fair was even bigger than I expected. People kept telling me that I was going to get lost. I didn't think that was possible. I have a great sense of direction. All day Friday I didn't even look at the map. I was in a constant state of lost. But since I didn't have to be any where I just wandered around. I couldn't figure out the map at all. Back home in SF, I couldn't get lost. That's one reason for this trip. It's to go to new places and discover new things.

(The random parade that would appear from nowhere.)

(Lots of people dressed up. Next year for sure I will dress up too. This guy reminded me of the Venture Bros, the Monarch King.)

(For free, anyone could paint words or pics on this working globe! This is the before photo.)

(Here's the globe since been attacked by artists.)

(The fair was in the forest, with booths nestled in between the trees. It looked like it had always been there. I felt like a hobbit.)

(Random was the word for the day. Dogs on stilts would appear in a pack, bark at people, then run away.)

(All over the fair, there was music. Here's the drum circle that I hung out at for a long time.)

(More random people in the parade.)

I will have to write more about the fair, but I am running short on time. It was in the forest. Most of the food was organic and there where recycling bins everywhere!!! Musicians around every turn: drum circles, belly dancers, folk singers, mandolin players, fiddlers, upright bass players using an aluminum bass. It was amazing!!! There where booths of homemade things: pottery, soap, incense, clothes made from hemp. There where tons of people dressed up in bizzar things! Then the stilt people would harras the crowds. Next year I definitely want to work there!

After 4 hours of crowds and heat I left. I went to the U of O Knight Library. It wasn't impressive. It's a great place to study. It had baby pink walls and green trim. No windows and very cold. It was super quiet. I looked at road maps of Oregon and Washington. I found the locations of the cities that have hostels. Today at the fair I learned that Oregon has Yurts for rent at camp sites. I've always wanted to stay in one! I just might, some time soon.

Back at the hostel, 3 musicians had checked in. Two where from Ireland. The third I think is from Washington. They played all night on the back porch. I love hostels! It was great.

That night Jaime, a friend from the hostel, and I went to the Eugene Astronomical meeting just a few blocks away. I found the event posted in the free local paper. There were so many telescopes! Some were bigger than me. Others were homemade. We looked at Jupiter, the 1/2 moon, mars and Saturn. The last 2 planets were visible at the same time through the telescope. One of the astronomers said this was the 2nd time he'd ever seen that happen. Jaime had never looked through a telescope before so that was really cool for her. Thanks to Ian, he reminded me that I love learning about space.

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