Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DAY 13

Today was my last day in Eugene. I started it off with a great breakfast of grape fruit, a yummy ProBar (my new favorite brand for granola bars), pistachios, and carrots. I spent a rushed hour at the library using the internet. They only allow an hour per day, so I had to post very fast for the last 3 days.

(My picnic at the campus. Note the beautiful juggling balls.)

(I have campus envy! It is so beautiful and peaceful here. Photo is from the internet.)

(Photo by me, of the doors to the art museum at the U of O.)

From there I spent the afternoon at the University of Oregon campus, because I have campus envy. My next school will have green lawns, old trees and old, brick buildings. I had a wonderful picnic, then practiced my juggling. Now I can regularly get up to 9 throws and catches without moving my feet. I did some more exercises from the "Parachute" book, on figuring out my transferable skills. I just had to walk through the cemetery again, because the liken is all over the graves and very pretty. The oldest tombstone was 1883. It's the pioneer cemetery.

(Pioneer Mother statue at U of O. Photo by moi.)

(U of O's mascot. No I didn't draw this.)

(Photo by me of a sculpture at the U of O campus.)

I went back to the hostel, showered because it was up in the 90's again, then went to the laundry mat, since I only have a weeks worth of clothes. It was nice and relaxing there. I did some more journaling. There was ever a pool table! I wish my laundry mat at home had one!

That night I was talking with the manager of the Eugene International Hostel. Brodie said, "I am sure you normally get your way. Am I right?" I told him yes. I hadn't thought of it what way. I'm not manipulative but I am persistent. I think he said this because I am unusually resourceful in a new city and fiercely independent. I discovered the star gazing that I did the night before, borrowed a map of Eugene from the office, so I could find my way around by walking everywhere instead of relying on a taxi. It also surprised Brodie that I have a bf, because Ian is not traveling with me. He asked why. I said Ian's not here this time, because he is in crunch mode at work and I wanted to travel.

I had another wonderful meal assembled from Capella Market, packed then visited with the other people in the house. It was my last night, same with Lori and Jaime. Jaime now has the traveling bug, which makes me so happy! It was so much fun getting to know both of them. Until midnight a group of us played boggle. I love that game!

(I already forgot his name(oops) but I do remember her name. It's Jaime. We went to the Eugene Astronomical Society meeting together and looked at the planets through telescopes.)

(He also stayed at the Eugene International Hostel and played boggle all night. He is hiking up the coast from so cal to Canada. I think he said this is his 3rd time doing this. He took a break from hiking to stay at the hostel because of bad weather in the mountains.)

(Tracey is Jaime's cousin. She was like the Mom at the hostel. Tracey won Boggle, because all mom's have the biggest vocab.)

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  1. So what made the guy think that you always get your way? What did you do or sy while at the hostel? Inquiring Moms want to know. :-)