Saturday, July 19, 2008

DAY 19

(This was downtown just begging to be photographed. I love metal and wood. It is a great contrast!! This was outside of a tall building in Portland.)

I am starting to lose track of the date. Everyday I still make a list (who am I kidding? I make more than one a day.) By habit I still wake up at 8:30 without an alarm. I am content traveling. It is a relief to be almost done with college, so I can be free!

I hit up the farmer's market with the sisters. The samples were amazing. I wish I hadn't had such a big breakfast, before going to the market. There were baskets of raspberries for $3 and fresh made, jumbo sausages for $4!! There was a band singing in an African language. It was a fun and crowded atmosphere.

I headed downtown by myself to hit up the galleries. While there I went to the sand castle building competition. Now I want to get into making sand sculptures!! Most of the sculptures were done, but one section where I watched the sculptors work their magic. Talk about random tools: straw, level, trowl for grout, palette knife for a painter, clay loop tools, 5 gallon buckets, sponges, pump spray can for the garden and a shovel.

(Photos from the sand castle competition. Now I want to try building with sand. When will I ever focus? There are so many interesting things to learn!!)

For lunch I hit up the roach coach and had decent Thai. I ate it down on the river front. From there I went to galleries that Dana and Philip recommended. Of course I made notes of what kinds of art was at each gallery and which artists I liked. I could see living here and showing my art. I'd love to live here.

(HUGE bronze sculpture!! It's in the Pearl district. In the back ground is the Beer festival going on, which I didn't attend since I am allergic to wheat. Arg.)

On a whim, I went into a music store to look at mandolins. I've been seriously thinking about which instrument I want to learn ever since going to the Oregon Country Fair. I planned on just asking some questions, but instead the guy wanted me to buy one. He gave me one to strum along with a chord chart. He didn't listen to me at all, because I said that I've never played a string instrument before. What was he expecting me to do with a chord chart? I admired it, strummed a bit, then gave it back. I like the size and feel, but I want to buy it someplace where they are more helpful.

At 5pm, I had my 15 minutes of fame on the History Channel. It was the showing of the documentary on tattooing called "Ancient Ink". I made props for the cave man tattooing tools. Deb and Mary Anne watched the 2 hour show with me. It was very interesting seeing how tattoos are done in other countries. At the 1 hour and 54 minute mark, it sank in that my caveman scene had been cut! Oh well. I was paid for it and it's staying on the resume. Check out the photos on my sculpture site.

Dinner was amazing! Mary Anne made really yummy Indian food. Dessert was even more amazing. She sauted butter and walnuts and added chunks of bananas. Put that on coconut sorbet and poured on coconut milk. I picked up the latest role of photos, posted them and did a bunch of blogging.

(All over downtown there are tiny ponies tied up to carabeaners in the concrete. I found out later that the carabeaners are there from when people would tie up their real horses.)

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  1. I am relieved to hear that I didn't miss your contribution to the Ancient Ink History channel show. I missed the first 20 minutes and thought I missed seeing your work.

    It was intersting learning about the various cultures, types and methods of tattooing. I really liked the colors and beauty of the Japanese tattoos.

    It did make me sqeamish to see how many of the tats were applied. But when it go to tattoing the guy's eye - I had to turn it off. Did he really get his eye tattooed?