Friday, July 25, 2008

DAY 24

(You just can't beat camping in a teepee on an island. You just cant.)

Up at 7, in the cool, crisp air!! I love this! I spent a couple of hours hanging out in the cabin where the kitchen is at. I was talking with adult sisters, Rudi and Pauli and another staffer, Hannah. Rudi invited me down to Texas whenever I want to go! Her sister is a Montessori teacher in Portland (of course! I love Portland!). I know a little about Montessori, but she explained some more. It's an alternative schooling where kids are taught to take care of themselves and teach themselves. A lot of the instructions from the teacher is by example or demo with out words. Like for yoga, the 3-4 year-olds would each have a mat and copy the teacher. Then in the classroom, there would be mats set aside and flashcards of the poses. Pauli said that the kids would choose to do yoga on their own! This type of schooling sounds great! I want to research it some more, because I could see putting my future kids in this system.

(Hannah, Rudi and her sister, Pauli. We are inside of the cabin at the Vashon hostel.)

Hannah cleans at the hostel and is self proclaimed the "welcoming committee". She did a great job of that. She's a fellow young'n that's done a lot of traveling, like a pilgrimage in Spain with her mom when she was 14. She also spent a year in France during high school. She's a go-getter and a life learner. It was a delight talking with her and listening to her great stories.

While hanging out in the cabin, I copied down a bunch of recipes from "Vegan with a vengeance" cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Although I am not vegan, it's much easier to adapt the recipes to gluten free and add meat to the dish. I have a bunch of great meals I want to try. I'm thinking I'll test them out on Deb and Mary Anne. I actually miss cooking. I've been eating out and raw for most of my trip. I look forward to cooking again.

I rented a bike from the hostel for $1 and traversed the island. It's about 11 miles north - south and 3 miles east-west. I had a map, food and water, and went exploring. I found the biggest hills! They rivaled ones I've been up in San Francisco. The island is like a mini Santa Cruz, with lots of trees and hills. I saw a sandwich board in front of an Episcopal church that said labyrinth is open. I had to check it out!! My first labyrinth was in San Francisco on top of Nob Hill at Grace Cathedral. There is an outside labyrinth made of marble and inside there's a carpet one. This one on Vashon was out side and couldn't be improved. It was surrounded by overgrown, flowering plants and tall pines. The path was a shallow ditch with grass. There were purple clovers and buttercups all over the grass. In the middle was grey flag stone. It felt more like a time for refection, where as the one in SF is like a place for tourists to gawk and whisper to each other, "what is she doing?" It this labyrinth, there was a list of sights that mark all the labyrinths in the US.

(A labyrinth like the one in Charters Cathedral in France.)

(The outdoor labyrinth in Vashon Island.)

(The labyrinth was made up of dirt paths and grass filled with purple clovers.)

I biked along the water front and found the funniest installation. It was of 8 exercise bikes lined up, facing the bay. I had to take pictures and ride the bikes. It is so pretty here! It's been nice and warm all day. Surprisingly, most of the locals drive. They are missing out.

(The humorous are installation that I found while biking.)

(Nothing like making fun of the Vashon locals for working out inside even though they live on an island in the Northwest.)

(I had to try it myself! I would actually use one of these if it was outside.)

(The view while I exercised.)

(sunset that I saw while biking around.)

After 5 hours of biking, and almost not making back because I was so tired, I had a huge meal of fruit, nuts and hummus. I met another fellow hosteler, who use to live here on Vashon. I wanted to talk with him more later, but he wasn't around.

I moved to a covered wagon (that has a mattress) because the mildew in the tee pee hurt my lungs. All day my throat hurt and lungs felt heavy. I regret sleeping in the tee pee. Now I know to look at them before checking in. It was then shower then nap time. I pulled the mattress outside and slept there.

(My wagon that I refused to sleep in because of the mildew. I pulled out the mattress and slept under the stars. It was perfect.)

After an hour of deep sleep I woke up and snacked some more (I was hungry from all that biking). I ran into Jenny, who's a professional clown. She lent me her clubs, so I could give them a try. I had about 20 minutes left of light, so I played until dark in the field. It was interesting dodging the clubs when I threw them funny. For a while I practiced throwing just one club at at time, trying to get the toss, flip and catch some what consistent. Then I introduced club #2. It was dark before moving onto the 3rd. Now I want clubs!!! Jenny said the best place to get them is from

I slept again outside. It was nice and cool. The sky was perfectly clear! There where so many stars I was having a hard time finding constellations. I found the north star, the big dipper and Cassiopeia. I was out by 10, and slept great all night!!!

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