Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DAY 21

(Not bad for a disposable camera.)

I had such a huge dilemma over such a small decision. I do this sometimes, which drives me nuts that I can't be at peace over my decision. The dilemma was if I should stay in Portland, to get to know my new found love OR go to Seattle, to see if I'll love that city even more. In the end I decided to go North. I am still undecided if I made the best decision. Isn't this silly? I keep telling myself that I'll be back in Portland before the end of the year, so I can show her off to Ian.

I took the train to Seattle, which I slept most of the way. Once in Seattle, I checked out Pikes Place, which started off as a fish market where they toss the fish and a farmers' market. Now they sell everything, 7 days a week!!! I didn't see the fish tossing, but I'll check it out soon.

(Pike's Place. The famous fish market where they hurdle the fish around and then package it up!)

I've been craving the tamales from home, so I found a small taquaria and ate very yummy soft tacos. I find that if I order a tamale from any other place than the store at home, I compare it to that. The Nicaraguan grocery store always wins!!!

Then I made a bee line to the Olympic Sculpture Park. I was first introduced to it by an art:21 episode. I was jumping around, all giddy going from one sculpture to the next. It is so much fun and rewarding recognizing and sometimes identifying the sculpture before reading the tag. I had my picture taken next to my first Richard Serra sculpture!!!

(Close up of the installation at the Olympic sculpture park.)

(Quaking aspens there at the park. I took them for reference photos for a sculpture that is hatching in my brain.)

(More quaking aspen for reference.)

After a long day of walking around in early 90 degree weather, I took a well earned nap. It turned into a 4 hour nap, throwing off my schedule. Oh well. Not like I need to be anywhere, anytime soon.

(More tall buildings in Seattle.)

I was really stiff so I walked to the Space Needle, and all around the neighborhood. I found a sit down Mexican restaurant and had a tamale (I know i broke my own rule). I was so hungry that I also ordered bean soup, chips and salsa and 2 margaritas. The meal was great. I have gotten use to eating out at cheap places or assembling inexpensive meals at grocery stores, it will be hard to go home and cook.

Through out the day I spent a bunch of time working on my "Flower" chart. Here's the progress:

My favorite people environments:
1. reliable
2. non materialistic
3. physically and emotionally healthy
4. life learners
5. ambitious
6. sense of humor
7. organized

Using the "Holland Code" I prefer in order people who are R, A, and I. I'll elaborate more later.

Salary and level of responsibility:
1. make my own decisions, whether I'm the owner of my own business, a team leader or working for someone off on my own
2. 10 hr/days, 6 day/week
3. I chose the clients or projects
4. either $16-31hr or $32-62K year
5. Have an assistant come in 1 day a week

Surprisingly I was tired after my long nap. I think it was a food coma. That's it. I went to bed.

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