Saturday, July 5, 2008


Happy 4th!

I kicked the day off with the Arnez family tradition of waffles and ice cream.
Since I cant eat waffles I ate coconut sorbet and fresh blueberries! Yummy!

Then the Arnezs, my bro and bf, watched the small town parade. Even the street cleaner was in it! I missed it last year and was bummed.

In the afternoon Ian and I took my cousins to the Sacramento river. We tread water in knee-high water (that is really hard to do!) We jogged on the bike path and collected plastic bottle caps for a friends movie. We rode the miniature train at Hagen Park. From the train we saw a peacock and a family of deer and turkeys. I'd never seen baby turkeys before.

That night my aunt crock potted ribs and WOW! where they great! Especially after a several hour long hike. Then we went back to Hagen Park for the fireworks. We set up our chairs and blankets in front of the pond and watched the show. We could see the fireworks shoot from the cannon! All of the adults kept saying that they never had seen a finale like that before! They shot 10 plus of the same gold dust/purple chrysanthemums. I say WOW!

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  1. We sher had fun!:D This week went by soooo fast!