Sunday, July 13, 2008

DAY 12

Last night I discovered that my cell phone was missing (don't worry I found it on Sunday in the cell phone pouch on my backpack). So I went to the Knight Library to check there for it, but they where closed. So I went to the Fair! I decided to try using the map just a bit, and stay at the stages for more than 1/2 a song. Yesterday I was ancy from wanting to scope everything out. Today I hung out more and sat down to listen to the music.

(I hung out at one of the many stages at the fair, listening to amazing musicians. This tent was right next to the juggling tent. So the jugglers had music to practice to.)

(Inspiration for practicing my new found love, juggling.)

I spent 5 hours at the Meadows. There was a booth that taught juggling!!! There where tennis balls and clubs. There where teachers for hula hoops ( I didn't know you could do anything interesting with a hula hoop. Boy was I wrong.) There was a string with a ball attached to the end. It's what fire dancers practice with. I don't know what they are called. I want to learn those too!

I had lessons from almost all of the instructors on juggling tennis balls. The guys had each been jugglers for 30 plus years. I juggled for 5 hours. I didn't think any one could teach me to juggle because I have tried before by reading a Klutz book. I gave it a try anyways. By the end of the day I could consistently juggle 3 balls 4 times! I got up to 9 once! That was really exciting. I got so excited that I dropped them. I had to buy my own balls. They are really pretty: purple and turquoise.

(Me actually juggling!! It only took 5 hours of practice!!! I still can't believe that I juggle. If I am tossing the balls around and start thinking, "WOW! I am juggling!" I get all giddy and drop the balls. It is still surreal that I can do this, because for so long I've wanted to learn.)

(I took this pic with a throw away camera! I was waiting in line for an hour to take the free bus back to Eugene. I didn't want to leave the fair. I am excited about going next year!)

I stayed until closing. Rode the bus home, walked back to the hostel, showered and went to the grocery store. I would spend all day telling you how much I love Oregon! Here I am not the minority in my food eating habits. There are tons of options for dairy free and gluten free! There are over 6 different brands of hard cider at the grocery store! The cafe in the grocers had 5 desserts that I could have!!! They where amazing looking treats covered in chocolate and nuts.

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