Saturday, July 19, 2008

Questions for Employers- Please Respond!

When I was at the Seattle's best coffee shop (ironically I wasn't impressed), I sat next to a lady giving an interview. She asked the standard set of questions, making me wonder how effective the interview is at gauging the prospective employee.

Here's what I am wondering:
1. What are you looking for when you ask "What skills do you need to work on?" This is a typical question at interviews, that leaves me confused. Are you hoping the interviewee will blur out something like, "I don't along well with authority," so you can rule them out?

2. What's the percentage of people hired through interviews that are great employees? Is this a good and reliable way of seeing how the prospective employee will act, once hired? Or is there another way you prefer to scope out great employees?

3. Is it true that most people giving the interview are just as nervous as the ones being interviewed?

I was going to ask the lady giving the interview for 5 minutes of her time, to ask her my questions. But instead, directly following the interview, the interviewer led the other lady back upstairs to meet the rest of the team.

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  1. great questions. I hope some people answer this. Maybe Uncle mark will give his 2 cents worth.