Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DAY 29

Today was the complete opposite of yesterday, it rained. Thankfully! It was much nicer to work in that degree of temperature. All day I worked for Jillian, prepping and painting the 2 sets of French doors and the window.

I am glad I can focus on one task for hours at a time (like spend all day working on just doors). There's a stat that says people can only focus on a lecturer for 20 minutes. That seems so low!!! I adore lectures. I can easily sit for 2 hours, taking notes and following what the lecturer is talking about. Why can't or don't other people focus on a lecture? Or is the stat completely wrong?

It's been great working with a woman; talking about men. Jillian's studio assistant. Maureen, dropped by for a couple hours, which was great! She is lots of fun. She was aging leather belts with a sledge hammer and a huge chain. I love self empowered women. We're great!

It was so liberating to bike to work! It was super pretty ride: it was all green and there were cute houses. It also took just 10 minutes instead of 30 by bus.

Jillian has this theory that people who are prone to mysteriously breaking electronic devises have a stronger magnetic current in them. She tested me with a tool that is used to see if an outlet has any electricity running to it. It looks like a stick with a red light on the end. The light goes off if a current is detected. Now I am confused as I write this. Is the tool checking for an electric or a magnetic field? Does any one know this or the name of this tool? Anyways, Jillian has tested everyone who has entered the rental. It shouldn't light up red on people, but it did for me. And it went off on her too! She said she can't even wear watches. I though that was pretty extreme, then that night, I thought about the last time I wore a watch. It was back in high school. I kept buying new watches because none of the batteries would last. I have gone through countless printers and scanners, that have for no reason, died. Same with my last 2 digital cameras. Now I have a reason for this madness.

Jillian wondered if I was good at slot machines. I told her I don't know. I've only spent less then a buck on them. She said that people with this ability to break technology are great at breaking slot machines, and winning big. I need to go test this for myself!! I am sure the stick with the light would go off on my mom.

That night for dinner was raid-the-fridge night, and watch crime shows. I think it was called 48 hours. Deb is addicted to forensic files and other detective shows. She knows all about that kind of stuff. Mary Anne wasn't digging the blood, but Deb and I did. I think it should of bothered us. It was so fascinating how they conducted the investigation and gathered facts, that I wasn't grossed out by the gore.

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