Saturday, July 5, 2008


Today I was the art director for a mural.
It was of the kids' book, the Rainbow Fish. I directed the mural for a friends' bathroom. 1 of my cousins and her friend where the painters. They were a huge help! They saved me so much time and did a great job!!!

I showed them how to do the prep work: wash the walls with TSP, paint over the 1st mural attempt by me. Then we chose the images for inspiration. Each family member picked a couple fish, (plus a lobster and an octopus) to go on the walls.

I drew with a pencil the fish, then they painted by number (with creative liberties). I explained how to work with acrylics and some techniques and they did the rest! I wish I had photos because I am proud of the girls!

For dinner I met up with a friend that I haven't seen since middle school. We where tom boys together and still are. ;-) It was good catching up.

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