Sunday, July 13, 2008

DAY 10

(The Eugene International Hostel was the most inviting and comfy hostel I have been to so far.)

Now for the adventure to begin; going to a city where I don't know anyone! I left Portland by bus to go to Eugene for the Country Fair.

I took the Amtrak bus (which is cleaner and cheaper than greyhound). The great thing about traveling alone is the opportunities to meet people. The bus was packed so I sat next to a local Eugenian. If I was traveling with someone, then I would of just talked to my friend. The local (I am spacing on her name) could easily be a tour guide. She recommended the best sushi place in Eugene, called Sushi Station. It's right next to the Amtrak station. The nice thing about sushi restaurants, is that you can eat at the bar if you are self-conscience about eating alone. It doesn't bother me any. The food tastes great either way.

I learned from my tour guide that it's the hometown of the founder of Nike. He gives a bunch of money to the University of Oregon here in Eugene. The Olympic time trials for track and field where here a few weeks ago. The University took a 2 week break during the summer semester because of the time trials!

(My dorm room in the Hostel.)

I checked into the Eugene International Hostel, which was my first time in a hostel. It's $23 a night in the girls dorm. It's been a great time meeting other travelers. So far I am the only female traveling alone. That's too bad, they are missing out.

I walked around town. There are crazy amount of trees, bikers, college kids and frat houses. I could tell they where party houses because there where bottles all over the yards, kidy swimming pools and pool tables out side. It's been crazy hot here for the locals, about 90. I am loving it! I am getting tanner by the second!

I went to the Eugene Public Library to look at their books in Braille. The customer service and knowledge that the staff has here is incredibly impressive! I had a great conversation with the manager of the kid's department about braille. She told me about the Oregon talking books and braille library in Salem. It has a huge selection of books and a tactile sculpture! I learned so much from her. I will definitely be posting more about that!

In the afternoon I walked around the U of O campus. Everywhere there are recycle bins! This is the way it should be all over the world.

(Yes I am a fanatic about recycling. I am so proud of U of O! These bins are everywhere!)

Around dusk I walked through the cemetery that's on the campus. The oldest tombstone was 1903. Some where in there is a section of pioneers. I'll have to come back here!

(When this photo is enlarged you can see the 1/2 moon. It was delightfully creepy walking around here at dusk.)

That night I played games with a few of the people in the hostel. We played boggle and yahtez. I felt like I was camping with my family. We always played boggle. I won yahtze (since I got a yahtze!)

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