Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DAY 28

(This is just a tiny view of the triplex that I helped renovate. You can see the designer fence that is going to be the most elaborate and beautiful fence that I've ever seen! I love Jillian's idea to use drift wood for fence posts.)

Today was the first day I worked for a fellow artist, Jillian. She didn't need help in her studio, but instead needed an extra hand getting an apartment ready to rent. One of the sculptor's I work for back home, introduced us, which I am very grateful!

It felt like the initiation day, because I worked out side from about 9:30-2, in high 80 degree weather staining posts for a fence. For the first time, I used a spray on sun screen and failed. At the end of the day, I realized that I just sprayed it on my right tricep, leaving a perfect, white circle, surrounded by a red arm. Luckly my burns quickly turn into a tan. The rest of the day was prep work for painting french doors and a window.

Mary Anne made another amazing dinner. I have lots to learn from her. I was looking forward to dinner all day. It was shrimp and rice and salad. It was very delicious.

I was so tired I crashed at 9pm and slept great.

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