Sunday, July 20, 2008

DAY 20

Today I didn't ride public transportation or go further than a few blocks from the house. It was wonderful!!! I had a relaxing morning sipping coffee with chocolate covered espresso beans melted into it! I blogged for way too long, adding in photos that were developed yesterday. I took care of the rigmarole of packing, and s & s (shave and shower).

Around lunch Mary Anne and I went to Fleur De Lie and had an amazing lunch. Their food is so yummy. I waddled out of there from my fresh, chicken salad with fruit! We dropped by the library and Trader Joes. It is so insanely nice today. It's 88! So I had to sport my new dress from the "Naked Lady Party", donated by Deb. It is a halter that's purple, black and white with flowers. I love it!

The afternoon I tanned in the back yard, sketched lots of ideas out for the artist-in-residency program for the San Francisco transfer station. Mary Anne was instrumental in helping me narrow down my list of 23 ideal working conditions into 8! I seriously couldn't of done it without her. I like the way Mary Anne summed up my list. It's a check list of environmental preferences. Once these are met, I want to be left alone so I can do my job. It is so true! (The author of the "Parachute" book, says to make the list of the top 5, but I changed it to accommodate me. These 8 preferences are all vital and important to me.)

My preferred working conditions:
(There's a tie for 1st. All the rest are listed in no particular order.)
1. mutual respect from management
1. work that doesn't hurt my body
3. merit system (wildly thanked and praised, publicly and privately, along with good pay and frequent and big raises for working above and beyond.)
4. flexible schedule
5. no dress code
6. paid on time
7. me caring about the job
8. environment (Outside or incandescent light. Lots of natural light. Clean and organized space. Quiet or moderate noise. Comfortable air temp. My own work space.)

I've been missing sculpting like crazy, which is a relief. I've been sketching a bunch of ideas, going to galleries, working for a sculptor and hangout out with a fellow artist (Mary Anne). Dana's suggestion for sculpting while traveling, is to make something small and spontaneous every day. It could be made from a feather, a paper clip and a receipt. Then after just 7 days, I'll have 7 sculptures! I'm going to start tomorrow!

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