Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DAYs 25 and 26

DAY 25

Still on Vashon Island, I took one last hike before checking out. I juggled at the near by lake, called Fisher. It is covered with lily pads. Lots of birds sang over head. I am going to miss this place. I had breakfast in the cabin with Hannah, Sandy and Sam. I just had to juggle some more in the meadow with the tepees, before packing up.

(Ferry that transports the commuters and their cars.)

The ferry ride was much shorter than my trip out here, because I went to West Seattle this time. I am going to stay with friends of Mary Anne's. Their names are Beth and Jon. Beth is a travel book writer and Jon has his own business.

That afternoon I was at the library looking for random books to read. I found a couple: one about carving gourds and another called "Extra extraordinary Chickens."
The steps to carving a gourd:
1. scrap the outside of gourd and let dry
2. scrub off mold
3. scoop out innards, just like a pumpkin.
4. carve

I found a really nice deli that found a semi hard goat cheese that I liked. The man working there was super helpful. He kept giving me samples. ;-)

Beth and Jon had a dinner date with another couple, so I headed home with my food for an evening to myself. I was locked out for a bit due to an incident involving one of the biggest black widows I have ever seen, along with 2 huge brown spiders and a lack of sharp, pointy objects. Deciding that the humiliation of still being on the porch when they got back, made me get the hide-a-key.

I watched a movie called, "Smooth Curve" that is part of the filmmovement. It's a film club that once a month, sends out an amazing Indy film. The one I watched is from the public library. It is such a great idea. I get so sick of Hollywood movies, that I rarely go to the movies.

When my hosts got home, we visited for a while. ;-)

DAY 26

(View of the Space Needle from the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.)

The host family I stayed with were very generous in showing me around Seattle. Jon drove me to Pikes Place where fishermen toss fish around the market. Every thing else is for sale here: organic produce, nuts, flowers, sun dresses, Seattle mugs, amazing cheese, gluten free and vegan breads. Obviously it's very touristy and super crowded, which adds to the excitement to the market. Jon walked me around the market and we went into the magic shop because there where torches for juggling in the window. Jon's a fellow juggler, I knew it! He has the vibe.

For the sake of time, let me fast forward. Jon dropped me off at the Olympic Sculpture Park for the free tour!! It was so exciting seeing these sculptures in person! Needless to say I took lots of pics. It was super cold and almost rained. I would of been super sad if the tour was cancelled.

(Guess who designed this steel sculpture?)

(This was my first Richard Serra sculpture to see in person. It didnt have any welds, which was dissapointing. They are ledgendary for being a couple inches wide! The sign in the pic reads, "Please do not touch." I thought that was very entertaining since Serra's sculptures are rusted steel.

(Mary Anne asked me if these are my hand prints. You decide.)

(Me next to one of the great sculptor's art work.)

(The inventor of the "mobile" also created the "stabile". His name is Alexander Calder. This is one of his non-moving sculptures, aka stabile, called the Eagle.)

Off to lunch at a sushi place and then to the Seattle Center. I tried to meet up with the Seattle jugglers, but no one showed up. Instead I walked around the Space Needle and people watched. There's a ton of public art, the music museum, a science fiction museum (I think that's what it's called), a small carnival and an IMAX. The best part was the International Fountain. It would shut off so everyone would run up to it and hit it, daring it to turn on. At random intervals it would turn on, and shoot HUGE jets of water on everyone. Music played. Then it would turn off again...

(The fountain that everyone needs to go play in. It's the international fountain in Seattle.)

I went back to Pikes Place and found a perfect thank you card for the folks I've been staying with. They just got back from a trip to Bouton. I found a hand painted card with the Bhutanese alphabet and a lama, made in Bouton. I'd never even heard of that Asian country before. Now I'm spotting it on cards.

I met up with Deb, Mary Anne and Tracey. We all got dolled up and went to Jazz Alley to see Eartha Kitt.

(The one and only Eartha Kitt. You'll never guess how old she is. She looks amazing!)

She's a cab-er-ray singer who's 81! She was catwoman on the batman tv series and is the voice of Esma on the Emperor's new groove for tv. It was my first time seeing her. It was Mary Anne's 4th! She even painted her a picture. It turned out very impressive. The show was incredible! Everyone in the audience was captivated by her. I couldn't even finish my dinner. I had to watch her tease the men. She's pick guys sitting at the tables by the stage, and embarrass them. She's sing the song to them, and they get all red and awkward. Then after the song she's shake their hand and their dates hand. I can't wait to see her again.

(Us fine ladies at Jazz Alley for Eartha Kitt!)

Afterwords, we hit up dessert at the Palace, hung out for a while, then went to bed.

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