Saturday, July 19, 2008

DAY 18

I spend another wonderful day working for Dana. I seriously considered changing my plans so that I could stay in Portland longer, so I could work for her longer. It is very encouraging meeting and talking with a female artist who lives off of her art. She sells her hand painted tiles in Anne Sacks magazine and shows her personal art at shows. The time management for balancing business and making art, is very impressive. I have so many business ideas for myself I am having a difficult time picking one.

I helped Dana organize her studio and demolish the couch. The couch was once a beautiful pink and orange couch from maybe the '30's. Now it is in lots of little pieces. We spent most of the day deconstructing, hammering, cutting, sawing, and hitting the couch apart. The studio neighbor, Dave, finished the couch off!! He went at it with a hammer, when the brand new sawzah had a short, so it wouldn't work.

(Pic of Dana's studio before the removal of the couch. It felt so much nicer once it was removed.)

(The couch in question. It was rescued from a really old house and lived here for 15 plus years. It got to the point of needing a proper burial. That's where I came in.)

(The couch was filled with plastic thread. It was all hand crafted and very beautiful. The hole time Dana and I where like, there's a great sculpture to be made with this, but I don't know what!! The fabric was pink tweed. All the textures worked so great together.)

(Rope was hand tied to each spring. Dana gave the springs to Philip for his birthday. It will be interesting to see what he makes with those.)

(Dave the studio neighbor, ripped apart the couch with a hammer, when the sawzah died. He was our hero.)

I met up at the Portland City Grill for happy hour with Mary Anne, Deb, Tracey, Cici and Tongue. The martinis were great and the appetizers cheap and delicious. The restaurant is on the 30th floor, giving a great view of Portland! It was very fun hanging out and chatting.

Back at the house, Mary Anne, Tracey and I had an inpromptu "Naked Lady Party" (sorry no photos). It was my first party, so let me explain, in case you are new too. A bunch of friends get together and bring clothes that they are getting ride of. All the clothes are put into a pile and everyone starts trying on each others clothes. Hence the nakedness. Thanks to Cici, who's my size, I ended up with lots of super cute clothes! Mary Anne is going to drive them down to me, when she moves back to San Francisco in the fall. We drank marzipan champagne, ate chocolate covered espresso beans and tried on clothes. What a blast!


  1. So if the champagne and free clothes don't give you enough of a buzz, crunch down a handful of espresso beans. Sounds like a great time.

    You are meeting some of the lovliest people. I am very happy for you.

  2. Hmmm. Question here - What clothes did YOU put into the pile?

    INquiring Moms want to know