Thursday, July 17, 2008

DAY 16

(You can't read the sign, but is says parking here in downtown Portland is $9 all day! I had no idea that you could live in a city for this price! I am completely sold on this city. I love the cost of living here.)

Today was a day of running around in the heat, in good old Portland. I kicked it off with fruit, chocolate, mangoes and nuts for breakfast. I spent a bunch of time working on my "1 piece of paper" assignment from the "parachute" book. I really want to finish it up, so I can mail the library book back to SF, because it is heavy.

I dropped off 2 disposable cameras to be developed then put on CD. It's been embarrassing using an anti Green thing as a one-time-use camera, but it's all I have. After paying entirely too much for my bad photos, I'm considering investing in a digital camera. My last 2 Nikons mysteriously died, each after a year of use. My technology bad luck has changed drastically since dating Ian, but I am still leary for spending money on a camera.

I hit up the public library for the daily, 1 hour free of internet. It's a rushed, panicked hour, because there is a timer that counts down the minutes. During that time I hit delete more than any other key. The Portland main library is amazing!!! It's really big, the sweetest, most helpful librarians work there and it's aesthetic. The steps are carved, black stone! In the kids' section there's a huge bronze tree with animals and people carved into it. It's dedicated to Beverly Clearly, because she lives here! I loved reading the Romona books.

When I was at the Oregon country fair, I saw a tattoo that I was actually envious of. I've been waiting for this moment. I'm so incredibly picky about black and white line drawings that I haven't seen a tattoo that I would want permanently on my body. This guy's tattoo was a line drawing of a map of the world on his back. It gave me the idea of having a tat done like an old map in brown ink with the longitude and latitude lines. I want it simple with minimal details. Then I could have the states and other countries colored in when I visit them. I looked up old maps while at the library, mulling about the idea of an old fashioned compass. Before getting a real tattoo I'd for sure have it done in henna. I don't want to be stuck with something that was fun for a minute.

(I saw this line drawing of the world tattoo at the Oregon Country Fair. It's the inspiration for my future tat.)

I found another place with free internet for those of you without lap tops. It's at starbucks at NW 10th and Adler. All you have to do is buy a drink.

I hung out at the park, and feed my juggling fever. I also did more journaling.

Currently I am buzzing from vegan brownies and a soda. So this is a rushed post. I'll doctor it up later.

That night I went to Reed college and juggled with the Portland juggling group. I learned some more and practiced a ton. They are such a fun group of people. I loved being there!!! It was amazing watching the experienced jugglers pass clubs in a group of 6! Afterwords some of us went for margaritas and Mexican food. Yummy!

(An inspiring time juggling at Reed College with the Portland jugglers. Doc Orbit is juggling clubs.)

(Pretty soon 4 more jugglers joined this group and tossed clubs between each other. WOW!)


  1. Sounds like another fun day. I am jealous about that library. It would be great to have one so big and with such architecture.

    Yes, go for it. Why get a tat that is small and demore. :-) O nevr thought of getting a henna tat. Hmmm. That's an idea. I loved it when you put he henna tats on my feet and palms.

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed having you're welcome here anytime. Glad to hear you're loving Portland! One of these days I need to spend some time getting to know it. Have you gone to Powell's???? I don't dare go until I have money for books!

  3. P.S. You have completely stolen the heart of my youngest daughter....she wants your address so she can be pen pals when you are done traveling.