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2014 California Motorcycle Tour Table of Contents

Hello fellow adventurers,

I was laid-off, so I capitalized on having time by taking a month-long solo motorcycle trip around California. I decided on exploring California because we're in a drought and the rest of the country is getting dumped with lots of snow. 

This trip far exceeded my expectations. I intentionally didnt plan very much other than preparing my motorcycle and the camping gear, because I didnt want to limit the trip to my limited knowledge of California. I had no itinerary. The plan was to ride south away from rain and snow and return back to the San Francisco bay area when either a month was up or I'd spent $1000.

I camped, slept at a Buddhist monastery, stayed at hostels, communes, hotels and at friends-of-friends houses. I met so many interesting and generous people and saw lots of wildlife, like whale, a bobcat and condors.

Thank you so much to my friends and family for helping me get my motorcycle road ready and for lending me camping gear. I really couldnt of done it without you. 

This is the table of contents for my month-long solo adventure. Please leave comments- I'd love to hear from you! 

take care,


Departed March 9, 2014

Returned April 4, 2014

Click here to read the Summary of my California road trip

Days 1-2
March 9-11, 2014
Santa Cruz
Camped at Big Basin
Video - bike setup
First time camping solo
Photos from Big Basin
How I kept my sanity

Day 3
March 11-12
Stayed with friends of friends in a beach house
Photos from Monterrey 
Private moto tour of Big Sur
Photos from Big Sur
More Big Sur pics
Photos from Cayucos

Day 4
March 12-13
Slept at the Cambria hostel!!!
Photos from Cambria
Video - lid sink

Days 5-8
March 13-17
Arroyo Seco
Hosted by a martial arts friend on a commune
Arroyo Seco pictures
Big Sur picnic
Running out of gas
Bee Sting while riding
Quick hello
My Second Home
Video - Poor Man's GoPro

Day 9
March 17
Ventana Wilderness
Camped solo miles from anyone for the first time
First night camping solo in the Ventana Wilderness
Baby poison oak is so cute!!!

Days 10-12
March 18-21
Big Sur
Camped at Limekiln and then on the ridge
Camping in Big Sur above the clouds
The most surprising thing that happened on this road trip...
Gorda-nooo!!!!! Not again!!!!!
Daily cleaning the visor or else it looks like this...

Day 13
March 21-22
Pismo Beach
North Beach Campgrounds
Camped out in a field of RVs
Planning this Trip
Books that I'm reading on the road
Camping at Pismo Beach
Jucy rv rental

Days 14-16
March 22-24
Santa Barbara Wilderness
Hosted by an artist in her guest cottage
Egg painting and bone jewelry in the Santa Barbara Wilderness
Video- egg painting
More pics from the Santa Barbara Wilderness
More pics of Santa Barbara- Carl Jung's Red Book

Day 16
March 24-25
Put in a hotel by my ex boyfriend's aunt and uncle
Santa Barbara- bumming around town
Treated to a fancy hotel room in Goleta

Day 17
March 25-26
Santa Barbara
Stayed at the SB hostel
Santa Barbara Hostel

Days 18-20
March 26-28
Treated again to a hotel room, but this time by my friend Joe. We stayed at the Viking Motel.

Days 20-22
March 28-30
Camped at Deer Park Monastery
Right of Passage- Riding in LA
Saying Goodbye to my Great Grandparents in Oceanside
Spent the weekend at a Vietnamese Buddhist Monastery
Funny Juxtaposition 
Motel Room in Banning

Days 22-25
March 30-April 2
Joshua Tree
Camped in Joshua Tree
I was wrong about Joshua Tree
Video- Joshua Tree Landscape
Amazing Biker Ladies

Days 25-27
April 2-4
stayed at a hotel
10 Hour Ride from Joshua Tree to Ventura
Video - wind farms and snow
Riding the Mullholland Highway

Day 28
April 5
slept in my own bed (Cant say that I missed it.)
Summary of Month-Long Motorcycle Tour

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