Monday, March 31, 2014

Amazing Biker Ladies

During the first two weeks on the road, I only saw one lady rider. She was cruising on Highway 1 in full, black leathers riding a Harley. Folks who were full gear are hot. I'd seen other lady riders, but they were "Fender Bunnies." (They rode behind their man on the bike.) Then here in Joshua Tree I got to talk to three awesome lady riders! 

Outside of a souvenir shop in Joshua Tree, I introduced myself to a female enduro rider, who told me she just learned to ride six months ago. She was on a trip with a group of five or so friends and they'd ridden up from Guatemala and their destination was Seattle. Her bike and bags were impressive, as were her guts. She must be a really good rider to take on such a challenging trip. For me it took a year to be up for riding on a variety of terrain, at different speeds and weather conditions, learning how to maintain my bike and build up the confidence to ride, let alone do it solo. You go girl! 

Before rolling into Joshua Tree Nation Park, I had to stop at the Nomad Ventures. I wanted to see if they sold white gas, because I'd been out of cooking fuel since Pismo Beach. Every camping store and fellow camper that I've come across has no idea what I was talking about. Nomad Ventures had a can! I can have hot food again! 

Really I stopped because there were two bikes parked outside. Ends up they are the employees bikes and of course, they are super cool. Kate, the owner of the dual sport, told me that her husband proposed to her with this motorcycle. That is the best proposal idea ever!!! To my future husband, I want a bike. Not a ring.  

A lady rider, by the name of Phoenix, waved me down and invited me to share a campsite. She's also been on the road for three weeks, but plans to keep on riding as long as it's fun. She's been riding since she was a girl. She also lived on a boat for 15 years and has traveled extensively all over the world. 

Phoenix and I hit it off. We had lots of "me too" moments. Love for power tools and working with our hands. Appreciation for good, dark chocolate. Love for being nomadic. I feel so lucky to have met her. I look forward to riding with her in the future. She's so inspiring to talk to. 

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