Friday, March 14, 2014

Arroyo Seco pictures

Riding on Naciemento Road over by the Army base there's a field of really old oak trees. If dinosaurs were still alive, the raptors would start chasing me here. 

The San Antonio Mission by Fort Hunter Legitt. 

Mural marking the first marriage in California. 

Arroyo Seco Road- another beautifully paved road, with great scenery and twisties!

 "She wears a little mask. I dont know who she is." I'm just going to confess that I feel sexy being a bobblehead doll with my helmet on, only because I have a tinted visor. It also saves my eyes, so I can ride longer and be safer at the same time.

I had an impromptu art residency, while being hosted by James and Tatyana. I didnt realize that their guest cottage houses their resident artist. It was a delightful surprise and an honor to be given the residency. I wrote a ton, for hours and hours, played the guitar and my other creative outlet was riding my motorcycle.  

I've always wanted to try more eco-friendly bathrooms and I got my chance. You do you business in a bucket and then take that to fertilize the 10 foot tall rose bush (really it's more like a tree).

You cant really tell the scale, but the pot on the left is about the span of my hand. I loved cooking with this pot. I felt like I was playing house. 

I hike the ridge over by where I was staying.

At the end of the trail there was this campsite. It took me about 2 hours to hike in. I cant see packing in a duffel and 2 saddle bags. It was a pretty hike. 

I hiked the orange trail. It wasnt until I looked at this map that I realized that I've seen Arroyo Seco on the map. It was last year when I was staying at Tassajara, the Buddhist Zen Monastery, in the Los Padres National Park. If I ever felt inclined the way to hike into Tassajara is by hiking from Arroyo Seco. That would make for a fun journey to the moastery.

The grapevine is as thick as a tree trunk! It's about 60 years old.  The really cool part is that the vines hang over the driveway, so that when the grapes are ripe, you can just reach up and pick a bunch.

Me and the bike at my amazing hosts house. James and Tatyana were super thoughtful and such nice hosts. I felt very spoiled. Thank you!

Another mission, this one is in Soledad, which is in the same area of Greenfield and Arroyo Seco. 

I LOVE the painted ceiling!

In the book store at the mission, I saw a book of Tatyana's poems, which James translated from Russian to English. It was so random. I wanted to tell everyone- Hey! I know them! I just stayed at their house! They're awesome!

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