Friday, March 21, 2014

Planning this trip

It took three weeks of planning to get everything together for this trip, as well as tie up loose ends at home. I didnt expect it to take that long, and neither did friends. I didnt have an itinerary, other than start in Oakland and go south away from the potential snowy Sierras. So what was I doing for three weeks? I'm actually not going to get into that now, because that will take more brain power than I have right now.

I intentionally left my trip open ended so that even more amazing things could happen then I could imagine. My task was to dream and then collect the gear necessary for this adventure, one that I didnt know what it would look like.

I'm been flying by the seat of my pants. It makes me a little anxious when I dont know where I'm going to sleep and it's getting close to dark, but its all worked out.
One thing to note for future adventures is that March basically Spring Break all month long. It's been a little tricky dropping into hostels and campsites. A lot of them are full right now. Another thing is that some campsites are open seasonally and the season starts April 1st.

This is the San Luis Obispo that I prematurely took a photo of. I parked and tried to check in, but they were full all thanks to the kids on Spring Break. 

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