Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Treated to a fancy hotel room in Goleta

Like most places I've stayed, I dont have an itinerary for how long I'm going to stay there or where I'm going next. When I left Carol's in the Santa Barbara Wilderness, I didnt know where I was going to sleep that night. It's not a scary thought. There are lots of motels around, not that I could afford to do that every night. But they're there just in case. I'd heard from a fellow guest at the Cambria hostel that the Santa Barbara hostel was closed for renovations (which is wrong. They are open!)

I called my ex boyfriend, Ian. We're good friends, and get along great. I went on several vacations with his family, like camping on the beach in Mexico for Christmas and going to the Santa Barbara area for his uncle's retirement party from the police force. Ian's aunt and uncle are really awesome people, who I'd like to get to know better. His aunt flies helicopters and trains people how to fly them!

My ex called them on my behalf to see if they'd be up for company. Ends up they were both sick. I figured I'd ride around looking for a campsite, when I got a call from Ian's aunt. She asked if it would be ok if she used up some of her points to rent me a room at a Hampton Inn in Goleta. I was floored. We'd only met once before and she was basically doing this for a stranger. Plus she and her husband were sick. Thank you so much!

I stay in hotels maybe once a year, so it's a novel experience. I get so excited to be there. I have to walk around the property, check out all of the amenities, enjoy the bath tub, look in the fridge and all of the drawers... I slept great until 1am, when my brain kicked in and said "There's a computer with unlimited Internet downstairs, so you should be blogging!!" I tried to ignore that thought, but it wouldnt go away. Mostly I've been blogging at hyper speed at libraries, because they give you only one hour. That's barely enough time to check email, upload and organize photos and write something that's coherent. 

I love it that the Braille is white. Typically it's the same color as the back ground. I notice Braille because I did a series of interactive art installations featuring Braille. 

Thank you again for the hotel room! It was such a treat to have hot, running water.

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  1. Very fancy looking hotel indeed! Reminds me of the Soho hotel from New York.