Sunday, March 23, 2014

Egg painting and bone jewelry in the Santa Barbara wilderness

I was blessed to get to stay with artist, Carol Doose, in Santa Barbara and see her studio and all of the up-and-coming jewelry designs! I loved hearing about where she gets the bones and all of the labor that goes into making them.

Carol also has an impressive collection of painted eggs. There's about 700 eggs. She's been painting them ever since she was a girl. The manzanita branches go up on the Spring equinox and the previous year's eggs are hung on them. Then friends are invited over to paint the blown eggs with either watercolors or acrylics and then hang them on the branches. 

Thank you Carol for reminding me how much I love to paint eggs. In the past I've painted duck eggs using a wax resist method with dyes, and then cut them up with a dremel (like you do) and reassembled them into circular pendants and into floral arrangements.

I had an amazing time staying with Carol. She was a very generous hostess, full of creative energy and a great story teller about her own travels. Check out her etsy store Bedazzling Bones. Like every place I've been to on this trip, I havent wanted to leave.

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  1. Carol is the best! So glad you two got to connect! :)