Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bee Sting while riding

I was riding on the paved Naciemento Road (for some reason my AAA map shows that it's a dirt road) in Big Sur. It's a well paved twistie road, that climbs up from sea level to 3,000+ miles high, that has epic views of the ocean, the Ventana mountains and it drops down into a valley to follow the crystal clear creek.

I was having a blast when my side started hurting like something bit me. I swatted at it hoping I could squash whatever was there, but that just made it really mad. I was cruising through twisties and had to find a clear stretch to stop. As soon as I did, I've never gotten out of my gear faster! Ends up a bee was in my jacket and he had stung me three times.

I'd heard that you dont know if you're allergic to bees until you've been stung twice. I stepped on a bee as a girl, but no incidents since then. Knowing my food and environmental allergies, I figured I was allergic. When the stings turned red and raised I was definitely concerned, but I decided to risk it and ride on. I rode in the direction of the Army base. I figured they could handle a bee sting if I needed any medical assistance. But by the next day the bumps were totally gone! Now I know I can ride while still in a ton of pain. Good to know.

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  1. If it stung you twice, it was likely a yellow jacket. They look similar, but aren't bees. They can also bite, which they tend to do before stinging. Bees have barbed stingers, so they can only sting once.