Sunday, March 9, 2014

Video - bike setup

It's ridiculous how much I love my motorcycle. I love the feeling of freedom as I ride her. I love the wind hitting me. Here I geek out and talk about how I got the bike ready for the month-long road trip.

I get nervous narrating, so after many takes I ended up with this video. For some reason I didnt name any of my friends who helped me set up the bike. Sorry about that. So here is your 5 minutes of fame.

Thank you Steve for introducing me to the throttle rocker. It saved my wrist on those days where I rode 8+ hours. Also thank you for suggesting I pick up a cell phone holder to hold the GPS. I ended up using the cell phone holder as a poor man's GoPro by recording with my camera phone.

Before this trip my bike was precious. Too precious for me to work on. Preparing for this trip and mounting the rack, saddle bags and redoing the wiring for the blinkers cured me of that, all thanks to Anselm. He showed me that it's no big deal and that it's actually fun to wrench on your own bike. Thank you!

Anselm suggested that I make a Tool Tube out of a PVC pipe. My first design was pretty good except that the saddle bag couldnt snap into place when the tube was installed. So Anselm's brother Wayli made some design suggestions and made me a much better tube that looks like it's apart of the bike. The best part is that the tube is locked up when the side bags are on!

Cactus, thank you for giving me the duffle bag. I dont know what I would of done without it. I thought I was packing light, but that's hard to do when you're bringing camping equipment. It was incredibly handy having the tie-downs attached to the duffle, making it pretty fast to load out.

I am blessed with really generous friends. Thank you very much! You guys are awesome.

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